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Secrets to Using Yoni Eggs That Nobody Talks About

Secrets to Using Yoni Eggs That Nobody Talks About

Every woman knows what's best for her body, soul and mind. Your first exposure to yoni eggs will leave you feeling a little overwhelmed.

Tips to follow before you buy yoni eggs

Among a variety of yoni egg sets are three different sizes:

  • Large
  • Medium
  •  Small

To select the perfect-sized Nephrite Jade yoni egg, start with our recommendations.

Look for the Best-Fit Size

A large-sized yoni egg may go up to 35 × 50mm, the medium one to 30 x 43mm and the small one up to 25 x 35mm in size. When you use a yoni egg for the first time, exercise with a large-sized egg to grow dexterity. The larger-sized eggs make it easier for the muscles to grip them. Remember, large-sized eggs are heavier and cannot be held for long periods.

You may feel discouraged at first when holding in a large-sized egg but remember, it's completely normal for beginners.

Rule-of-Thumb for Beginners

Most yoni practitioners prefer to start with a medium-size crystal egg. It usually works best for a month and after that, you may feel the urge to use a larger yoni egg. Later, girls come back to medium-sized yoni eggs when they get comfortable with all the sizes.

If you are recently suffering from the menopause and aren't sure which yoni egg size to start with, the best fit would be a large-sized egg and then work your way up to the medium, and later the small-sized egg. You can also use different-sized yoni eggs on different days.

The smaller the egg size, the more muscle dexterity is needed to keep it inside.

Any yoni exercise which involves pulling and squeezing may seem a no-no task at first but the goal is to maintain a complete focus on relaxing.

Best Yoni Egg Crystal for Your Internal Muscles

Selecting a quality crystal comes from your intuition and preference. There are huge varieties of exotic gemstones to select from. You can safely wear them inside but understand more about its safety aspects, especially when you wear it inside the yoni for excessively long periods.

The 4 most popular types of stones come with time-tested healing benefits.

Nephrite Jade

  • Gentle and protective stone.
  • Non-porous crystal.
  • Empowered with high thermal conductivity.
  • Communicates directly with the heart chakra.
  • Energetically balances the water-levels in the body.
  • Beneficial for female reproductive system and kidneys.
  • Called a calming, balancing stone.
  • Promotes well-being and self-love.

Rose Quartz

  • Popularly known as the love stone.
  • Helps dissolve all blockages.
  • Allows the heart to receive the energy of love.

Black Obsidian

  • Connects with the root chakra.
  • Protective stone known for its powers for releasing emotions and trauma.
  • Transmutes negative energy.
  • Helps in the recovery of specific ailments in our bodies,

Lilac Jadeite Jade

  • Resonates with the Crown Chakra and Third Eye.
  • Connects you with deep-insights and spiritual knowledge.
  • Kind and gentle energy.
  • Encourages creativity and spontaneity.
  • Often used during the healing process with meditation.

Get Started: There's No Right or Wrong Choice with Yoni Eggs

Now that you know the deep insights about yoni eggs, make an informed and well-thought out choice. After weeks of rigorous practice, you will learn to pull in and pull out the yoni egg using just your vaginal muscles. Allow the inner you to practice with all sizes and crystals to see how you feel and which you are most comfortable with.

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