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Top Budget-Friendly EMR for Small Practices in 2021

Top Budget-Friendly EMR for Small Practices in 2021

Investing in an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is a necessity for practices looking to achieve optimal clinical efficiency. However, such systems carry a hefty price tag that many small practices and sole practitioners cannot afford. Softwares that are available at low or zero cost often exclude essential tools required by doctors.

If you find yourself deeply rooted in this dilemma, then we have just the solution for you. We review the top budget-friendly medical software, including the Best EMR Pediatrics, so that you benefit from the high performance without ruining your cashflows.


NueMD is an AdvancedMD company that was founded in 1993. Ever since then, it has been taking complex operations and providing simplified tools against them. The complete suite of solutions includes electronic health record, practice management, medical billing, and mobile services.

NueMD EMR Features

Patient Portal: An interactive portal is provided to patients that keep them connected and ensure smooth work processing. Through the portal, patients can schedule and reschedule appointments, communicate with doctors as well as update their insurance information. Since the system is HIPAA compliant, patients don’t need to worry about losing personal information to hackers.

The educational content in relation to one’s illness can be accessed for a better understanding of one’s healthcare condition. Automatic reminders are sent to patients before appointments to avoid no-shows and latecomers.

e-prescribing and e-labs: The e-prescribing tool enables users to share prescriptions to patients’ preferred pharmacies instantly. The intuitive system alerts doctors in case those drugs are prescribed that a patient is allergic to. Prescription refills can be executed through this feature effortlessly.

The e-labs tool allows practitioners to order lab tests and receive results directly in the system. Abnormal results are flagged for immediate action.

NueMD EMR Pricing

This EMR software has a starting price of $99 per month per provider. NueMD enables its users to benefit from pre-built bundles of tools and allows them to build bundles from scratch, considering their budgets and requirements. A live demo is also provided, which can be accessed after filling a form on the company’s website.

Practice Fusion EMR

Founded in 2005, Practice Fusion has been providing best-in-class situations to doctors of multiple specialities. Its network includes a clientele of 30,000 practices that further caters to 5 million patients.

Practice Fusion EMR Features

Customizable Templates: Practice Fusion provides its clients with templates for charting, diagnosis, and treatments. Speciality-specific templates are also offered that are designed considering workflows of different medical branches, including pediatrics. These templates can also be customized as per a practitioner’s requirements and preferences.

Integrated Task Management: All pending front-end and back-end tasks are compiled in one central location. Unsigned documents, awaiting test results, and other critical information are displayed on one screen. The powerful system also allows its users to customize reports to better analyze its clinical, financial, and operational workflows.

Practice Fusion EMR Pricing

The EHR system has a starting cost of $149 per user month. The latter includes implementation, training, and customer support. A free 14-day trial is offered to potential clients.

Praxis EMR

Praxis EMR is an award-winning medical software provider that has been in the industry for 25 years now. The company founders believe that each medical practice is different and hence, offers customizable tools for their maximum utility.

Praxis EMR Features

No Template Design: Praxis EMR believes that templates slow down a practice instead of benefitting it. Keeping the latter into consideration, a no template design is offered. The system features artificial intelligence, named Concept Processing, that understands how a facility operates and then adapts to it. Users define how notes are documented and illnesses are diagnosed. With this design, practitioners are able to save 2 and a half hours each day of wasted time.

Research Center: This EMR software encourages its users to carry out clinical researches. The Praxis DataMiner tool crawls through heaps of information to find answers to questions asked by users. The latter can benefit from pre-defined scenarios or can ask their own questions. Analysis can be concluded from health maintenance to clinical studies to drug trials, among others.

Praxis EMR Pricing

The starting price of Praxis EMR is $219 per month per provider. A free demo is offered that can be requested by filling a short form on the company’s website.

Which Budget-Friendly & Best EMR Should I Opt For?

The above review highlighted the top EMR software for small practices, including the best EMR for pediatrics and other specialities. The trick behind choosing the perfect medical software is to know exactly what you require from it. This ensures that you pay only for the tools that you want. 

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