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Why Should Your Child Become A Kidzanian

Why Should Your Child Become A Kidzanian

Children are born with a blank mind. However, they have sharp learning skills and keep learning by observing the people around them and the general society. If they see something negative, they will adopt it too, in addition to picking positive things. Playing is an important activity for children to explore their learning skills and grow even more. Becoming a Kidzanian is a perfect opportunity for this growth and development of kids.

What is Kidzanian?

If you are thinking that Kidzanian is a profession, you are wrong. Kidzania is a full-fledged and well-planned kid’s city in Dubai, and its citizens are called Kidzanian. The city allows the children to take on the roles and responsibilities of the adults and manage the whole city. It has numerous professional setups and plays areas too to attract child citizens.

Common Kidzanian Categories

Kidzania usually offers three categories of citizenship which are:

  • Naturalized Citizen
  • Distinguished Citizen
  • Honorable Citizen

Dig deeper into this article to learn and explore why your children should become Kidzanian.

Top 7 Reasons You Should Let Your Child Become Kidzanian

Kidzania is the kid city where children can go to experience the roles of adults and play too. It has specific open hours, so the parents can leave their children there. The children can stay there for as long as they want until the close time. However, too young children cannot stay alone and have to be accompanied by some adult. It is a great learning opportunity for children that is more play-oriented.

Here are the top reasons you should let your child become a Kidzanian and learn adulating through practice and experience.

1. Get an Exclusive Citizenship

Children in any society of the world get official citizenship when they become adults or turn eighteen years. Before that, they do not know much about citizenship and are dependent on their parents for everything. It is only Kidzania where they are acknowledged as proper citizens and are offered exclusive citizenship to avail numerous other benefits associated with being a citizen.

2. Explore Professions from a Closer Perspective

Children often like to play the roles of teacher, doctor, police, or their parents. The reason is that these are usually the only professions they get to explore from a closer perspective. It does not mean that they visit the police station, but children have a fascination with police that they adopt from the digital media. Kidzania allows children to explore numerous other professions associated with banking, media, city management, and more so they can learn and find their interests.

3. Earning Salary through Professional Working

While playing roles of teachers, doctors, or even police, children are usually not aware that they can earn money through it. After becoming a Kidzanian, they can learn how working as some sort of profession helps earn money. Kidzania has its own currency too, which your child can earn after working and can even spend, save for other activities.

4. Learning To Save and Spend

Children are only aware of the concepts of saving and spending to the point of getting money from parents, putting it in a money box, and emptying the box when they want to buy something. However, Kidzania teaches proper money management to children. They have to work to earn and spend money to buy the essentials of life like food. They can even save their money at the banks.

5. Access to Fully Prepared Playing Areas

Apart from role-playing, Kidzania also has fully prepared playing areas. It has the kid facilities of McDonald which are fully managed by children. Your children can explore its play area and enjoy the activity to the fullest, which they usually cannot do at home. So, help your children become Kidzanian to avail all the other associated facilities.

6. Learn Survival Hacks

Survival skills like first aid, safety precautions in difficult situations, fire safety, emergency exit, swimming, etc., are all too crucial for children. If you enroll your child in some school or class to learn these, it will feel like a burden. On the other hand, children can learn all these while playing at Kidzania. So, get your Kidzania Dubai tickets now to give a visit to the place and decide if your child wants to become a citizen or not.

7. Learn Life Hacks

Children do not know much about cooking, managing the home, doing grocery, opening a bank account, and numerous other activities that they will need to perform as adults. By becoming a Kidzanian, your child can learn all these and numerous other life hacks naturally. You do not need to send your child to a cooking class or others to learn basic life skills.

Kids, get your citizenship now!

If you are a kid, you can get citizenship in a kid-exclusive city. If you are a parent, do not keep your child from such an amazing learning cum play opportunity. Get your tickets and explore every nook and corner of the kids' city to finally decide if you can give up on this opportunity.

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