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How To Buy A Free Domain Name?

How To Buy A Free Domain Name?

As a beginner, everyone wants to starts the business with a low budget. If you are also starting out, then you might be searching for free domains for your website. Yes, domains are free and you can start your website with a completely free domain name.

Today, we will explain how these domain names are available free for you.

Different companies offer free domain names but we will recommend you to start the business with Serversea Hosting. It is a reliable and reputed company, offers excellent speed and uptime. Moreover, you can get a FREE domain name with their hosting plans.

FREE Domains

Free domains are not actually free. But companies offer a free domain with hosting as a gift. In short, when you will purchase a hosting service from Serversea then you will get a free domain name. Isn’t it amazing?

Steps to buying a free domain

For your convenience, we are sharing some easy tips and tricks to purchasing a free domain name with Serversea.pk So let’s begin.

Step 1: Go to Server Sea

Firstly, you need to go to the Server Sea website. Then click on the hosting plan that you might be interested in. As a beginner, you can start with shared hosting.

You must think why not going to the domains section. As described earlier we are not purchasing a domain, but we are searching free domain with paid hosting. So, trust the process and follow it accordingly.

Step 2: Select Web Hosting Plan

The second step is to choose a hosting plan that suits your business. You will find bronze, silver, and gold sections. You can choose any of the hosting plans according to the requirement of the website. For a better selection, it is recommended to make a list of the things that you require such as storage, bandwidth, etc. All the plans have free domain names for the first year. So, whatever the site is about, the domain will be available free. Click Order Now!

Step 3: Register Domain

Moving forward, subscribe to the web hosting plan. Billing cycles are shown and you can choose the one that suits you. In the end, you will find options i.e., new domain, already taken domain, and domain transfer. So, as you want a free domain, you need to choose a new domain option. Then search the domain of your choice. Now select “ADD CART”.

Step 4: Registration

The final step is to “Proceed to checkout”. Now you will see and registration form on the website. Here add all the information and select Order Now button.

In this way, you can choose excellent hosting services along with free domain from a well-reputed hosting company.

Other Methods to Purchase Free Domain

No doubt, a free domain with paid hosting is the most reliable and trusted way to start with. But if you want something else, then free sub-domains can be a good option. BlogSpot and WordPress also offer free subdomains i.e., domain.blogspot.com.

Importance of domain

The domain is the identity of the website and it should be unique, short, memorable, correctly spelled, easy, and brand name. Using subdomains will mask your domain and highlight the company that is providing the domain such as BlogSpot. So, investing less or choosing above mentioned method is a good option you can start with.

Domain and Extension

Some people confuse with the domain name and domain extension. So, at this stage, we want to clear it with an example. The domain is the name of the site while the extension is the tail name such as .com, .net, .org, etc. You can choose any of these depending on your preferences.

Example: https://www.serversea.pk/

Serversea is the domain name while .pk is the domain extension. Domain extension might change in prices so you can find some budget relaxation here (in the case of paid domains).


Domain names are available free of cost by different hosting companies. Just choose a hosting plan and you will get a free domain. It is a good option for beginners. So, order your hosting and domain now and get started.

We hope this guide article will be helpful for you.

Thank You For Reading!

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