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Tips for Canada Business Immigration

Tips for Canada Business Immigration

The government supports Canada immigration for businessmen and investors that can create job opportunities for the people living in Canada and support the economy in a positive manner. The selection of such business class immigrants is based on the abilities of the businessmen to establish them in the country and support the economy.

The people that are looking for immigrating to Canada to invest in an already existing business or start a new business in Canada are called Business immigrants. The government promotes business immigrants that can support the development of the economy. There are four classes of business immigrants:

  1. Self-employed
  2. Business immigrants on a Start-up visa
  3. PNP Business Programs
  4. Investors

While you are allowed to choose a business domain of your choice, there are restrictions on the types of businesses that you can own. Hence, it is commonplace to find business migrants that do not own their businesses. Therefore, we recommend consulting some reputed Canada immigration consultants in Kerala to understand the situation and eligibility etc. while applying for a visa.

Approaching business immigration in Canada via lawyers and immigration agency also proves helpful in future if you encounter any problems while starting your business in Canada. Having a reputed and efficient lawyer for business opinions ensures that you don't end up in legal trouble later on because of a poor understanding of the government norms.

Here, we are sharing some tips for Canada business immigration. So, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada we recommend you read the following post carefully.

Tips for Canada Business Migration

You must have a business plan

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada and stay there permanently, you must have a start-up plan or business plan. You can find the list of the businesses that you can start in Canada in various categories and the eligibility norms for them on the official website of the government. So, you must read them carefully to avoid making any errors.

Age, Nationality and Language

To work legally in Canada, you must be of 18 years (minimum age limit) and a Canadian citizen. Canada has French and Canadian English as the two main languages of instruction and you might be required to be proficient in both of them. Being a business immigrant in Canada, you can work even if you don’t have a valid work permit.

Investors and Sponsors

If you are planning to build a start-up in Canada, you will be requiring business investors most probably. You can advertise your business by finding some investors and sponsors. Many business immigrants can find local sponsors for their businesses.

Planning the process thoroughly

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, you must invest in a business that is legal and can be run as per the government instructions. Also, remember that working hard is a must as there are no shortcuts to getting your business to prosper, such that you can get the Green Card instantly.

Every step in the entire process is crucial. You must choose an area where your business can prosper. Thorough market research is essential to find whether the chosen business has a required audience in the area of your choice or not. You might want to work in a competitive environment, but competing with the already successful regional players might cost you a lot of effort and investment. Some other factors that you must consider are, the store localities, residence, transport and type of people residing in the area chosen by you.

 Business License and Documentation

After you have completed the above-mentioned tasks, you have to obtain building permits and a business license that makes you eligible to start your business. Completing the business documentation is also an important step that you must complete in order to avoid any problems later on.

You can find the business license application forms online, fill them and submit them to your local municipality and Immigration Agency. This is a mandatory step that must be completed in order to run your business legally.

 Courses for Business Immigration

As a business immigrant, you might have to take some necessary courses that are the most tedious part of the entire process. But, actually, these courses help you a lot in the long run and are highly beneficial. Finally, you can begin the immigration procedure and hire a lawyer to guide you through all the steps of business immigration.

Now, take a look at the various norms of eligibility for all four categories of business immigrants in Canada.

Self-employed People

  • Mandatory farm management experience and a clear intent to buy and manage a farm in Canada.
  • Experience to make a significant contribution to cultural life in Canada.

Start-up visa holders

  • Ability to talk in English or French
  • Adequate money to support yourself till your business succeeds
  • Commitment support from an angel investor group, business incubator or Canadian venture capital fund.

PNP Business Program

  • Start a new business, or purchase and improve an already existing business.
  • The personal investment of at least CAD$200,000 in the business
  • Create jobs (at least one) for a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.

Investor Immigration

  • The investor must show his ability for investment (having or managing a staff of at least 5 people)
  • Minimum net worth must be CAD$1,600,000
  • An investment of CAD$800,000 to the Canadian government (this is returned to the investor after years, without interest)

This completes our discussion. We hope that all our readers find the discussion helpful and the tips shared here informative to plan their immigration. For more information and specific guidance, please leave your comments and we will surely respond.

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