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Wallpaper Products

Products Applicable to Wallpaper Wall Murals

Products Applicable to Wallpaper Wall Murals

Why stop at murals? There are other products that work great alongside it and will only beautify the room you are decorating.

 Printing technology and product design are always advancing, and now you can use custom-printed acrylic sheets that are highly glossy and durable. These can be desktop sizes, wall sizes with hidden brackets, and can now be printed as one-off acrylic headboards. 

The images are printed on the back of the acrylic panels and the customized wallpaper gives the image deep color saturation and beauty. An experience for a certain audience compared to regular prints. 

Plexiglass panels are built into frames and fitted with wall brackets. These wall brackets often lead to a frame that is not too far from the wall. Some of these frames have also been designed. 

A 'hidden anchor' that creates a contemporary and intriguing floating effect. Some craftsmen even use printed acrylic sheets to design their furniture. Perhaps a less obvious product, consider ceiling painting and mural ideas. 

All of these alternative ideas are suitable for both the home decorating enthusiast and the professional business space designer.

Not All Paper and Ink Are Created Equal

An important problem that people often neglect when choosing from whom to buy wallpaper is the properties of the wallpaper material (substrate). The importance of your choice of paper is reflected in the variety it offers. 

If this is the best you are looking for, heavy and thick fabric materials are best for interior wall cladding. You can find them so that they don't wrinkle or stretch when you hang them and they make life a lot easier. Less available are adhesive types.

 These are the easiest to hang and the process is less cumbersome than the 'custom paste' variety at this point. The last thing to consider is the size of the strips on which the image will be printed. 

Some manufacturers print them on poster-sized panels, while others print them all on one large sheet. What I like is the elongated pre-cut design, which is slightly wider than normal wallpaper. Comes with a wall mounting plan, these are the best ways to install.

Summarize Your Options

To provide you with a definitive checklist of every item made, enjoy the benefits of inexpensive ready-to-use images in preset sizes, or order a beautiful custom printed wallpaper.

 You have the option to choose from an impressive selection of previously selected professional photos or upload and use your own favorites. 

Manufacturers' websites with photo galleries to choose from often let you pick your favorites at no extra cost, or you can visit the stock photography company's website where you can find millions more. 

Choose whatever you can think of. The overall quality of the product is important to the placement and the end result, so you should consider whether you want a 'self-adhesive' or self-adhesive wallpaper. 

Consider paper material and whether it is a wrinkle-free textile material. Keep in mind that wallpaper can be shipped to you in large sheets, poster-sized sheets, or pre-cut lengths, which are the easiest to install. 

Lightfastness is an issue with some products, especially cheaper ones, so to avoid disappointment from fading, check the product specification claims before ordering. 

Keep this simple checklist in mind and you are sure to enjoy the stunning effect of high-quality murals in your home and office for years to come.

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