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How to Do Online Shopping for Jewellery

How to Do Online Shopping for Jewellery

Jewellery is a part of our attire, personality, and family legacy. We often gift it to our loved ones on various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or life events like births or weddings. As much as we love receiving and gifting jewellery, we hate the shopping part. It's so confusing and not to mention costly we don't want to make any wrong choices. But what if I say it's actually quite simple when you know the right ways.

Every jewellery is a unique work of art. Earrings, pendants, rings all are unique in their own way, and so is the method to buy them. Buying ornaments from an online jewellery store in India is a piece of cake, even if it's your first time shopping online.

Whether you are buying a gift for someone else or purchasing it to add to your wardrobe, you can follow these easy and effective ways to get yourself a brand new piece of jewellery.

Effective ways to shop for the perfect pendant

Pendants are beautiful and elegant. You can style your everyday attire with a simple pendant or your party look with a sparkly one. There are many varieties available in the market like gold, silver, diamond, pearl, etc. You can easily buy diamond pendants online in India. No matter what type of pendant you want, follow these easy steps to get the perfect one.

1. Look for trusted online jewellery stores - If you want to stay away from online frauds, never take a chance on an unpopular brand. These lucrative offers may excite you but always hold your horses.

2. Make a budget- Before start looking for any piece of jewellery online, make a budget and search accordingly.

3. Pick the material of the pendant- Diamond, gold, silver, pearl, gemstone, stainless steel, there are many types of pendants. Select the one you want.

4. Select the material of the chain- The material of the chain also matters. Gold, silver, titanium, and platinum are the most common metals for pendant chains.

5. Choose the type of chain you want- There are many types of chains available in the market. Consider snake chain, ball chain, or rope chain for delicate pendants. Go for curb chain or cable chain (most popular) for heavy pendants.

6. Look for different designs- You will find zillions of designs available online but all of them can be easily divided into categories. Explore all of them a while and decide which style you like the most.

7. Apply the necessary filters- Apply as many filters as you can. This will narrow down the search results, and then you can easily pick your favourites.

8. Move from wish list to shopping cart- Before clicking the move to cart option, check all the details. Its specifications, certifications, online reviews, shipping policy, return and exchange policy. If everything seems in order, then only move forward with the purchase.

9. Make the payment- You can opt for cash on delivery or make an online payment. While making an online payment, always check for SSL encryption for secure transactions.

How to purchase a gorgeous pair of earrings

Earrings are a must-have. It completes your look with an ounce of grace. But every lovely pair of earrings isn't made for everyone. A fine pair of earrings should complement your attire while enhancing your face's features. With these steps, find your perfect match.

1. Look for trusted online jewellery stores

2. Make a budget

3. Choose earrings that complement your face shape- Face shapes differ from person to person. A perfect pair of earrings can make you look pretty as a picture.

 Round face shape- Long earrings like drops and dangles. Avoid any round ones.

 Oval shape- You can pick whatever you want.

 Square shape- Earrings with curves and soft edges. Go for hoops or drops.

 Rectangular shape- Pick studs or hoops. Choose wide and short earrings.

 Diamond shape- Go with pearls or studs. Stay away from earrings with sharp edges.

 Heart shape- Earrings with wider bottoms like teardrops or chandeliers.

 Pear shape- Earrings with a wide upper part like threader or dangles.

4. Select the ones that match your skin tone- For a cool undertone, go for silver colour earrings. And for a warm undertone, pick gold or copper metals.

5. Pick earrings that suit your style and personality- Everyone has a unique personality, and your jewellery should reflect that. From subtle to statement, there are many varieties to choose from.

6. Look for different designs

7. Apply the necessary filters

8. Move from wish list to shopping cart

9. Make the payment

Complete your shopping with a beautiful ring

A beautiful ring can add grace to your hand. And not only that, rings are the classic gift to show your eternal love. Weddings rings, engagement rings, and anniversaries are the most common occasions we buy a ring for, and not to forget, to add it to your jewellery collection. To get your hands on the perfect ring, follow these simple steps.

1. Look for trusted online jewellery stores

2. Make a budget

3. Choose the type of ring- You can pick a ring with diamonds, coloured gemstones, or pearls. For a diamond ring, decide whether you want a solitaire ring, pave ring, or ring with side stones. And also, look for the colour, cut, clarity, carat, and setting of the diamond mounted on the ring.

4. Select the metal for the band- Band of rings can be made from many kinds of metals like platinum, palladium, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, zirconium, titanium, tungsten, steel, etc. Decide according to your taste and budget.

5. Look for different designs

6. Apply the necessary filters

7. Move from wish list to shopping cart

8. Make the payment

These steps will make your online shopping experience easy, safe, and fun.

Happy Shopping!

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