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10 Tips To Promote Networking In Virtual And Hybrid Events

10 Tips To Promote Networking In Virtual And Hybrid Events

Virtual and hybrid events are rapidly changing the perspective of monotonous life around us. These brilliant, as well as tech-savvy innovations, have modified and opened a pathway to an entirely digital dimension. A strategically planned virtual or hybrid event empowers individuals to host informative sessions on a virtual medium.

Participants can join easily with the help of a specially generated link. These events can undoubtedly be considered as the most convenient alternative. Especially in the times of the pandemic where mankind is on the constant radar of the coronavirus.

If you are an organisation planning to host a virtual or hybrid event, you might not want to compromise with the networking aspect. Networking empowers individuals to find like-minded people and widen their customer base. It is a great way to gain valuable information and expand once mental horizons regarding different aspects of the industry.

In this article, we are going to talk about 10 tips that will help you promote networking in your hybrid as well as a virtual event. So, if you want to gain some valuable insights as well as powerful tips and tricks to promote networking, sit tight, relax, and continue reading further.

1) Get ready to promote

Networking is an interesting process that intrigues all the participants to come together and share vital information. To make your event successful and promote networking, you must first target your audience. Without a sufficient audience, there will be poor networking and less engagement. Therefore, you must make sure to incorporate all the suitable promotion strategies to maximise attendance. To achieve this, you can try different methods like social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and a lot more. This will allow your information to reach a wider audience which in turn will captivate them towards your event. Thus, more individuals will be attracted to your upcoming event which will surely promote networking and the success of your event.

2) Create an interactive community

This is a great strategy to promote pre-event networking. Creating a small virtual community will allow interested candidates to come together and talk. This will help in spreading the informative content effortlessly. Moreover, it will promote easy networking as the participants would be able to communicate with each other while maintaining their solace.

3) Give people something to talk about

Another great way to promote networking is by providing individuals with something to discuss. You can engage the audience with numerous valuable discussions prior to your event. This can easily be done by generating content that is effective and as per their interest. You can also host interactive sessions to discuss specific happenings around the globe. This will boost the audience interaction and they will soon get familiar with each other. Moreover, you can have all of these conversations on your website or a specially dedicated blog. This will promote audience engagement in your comments section. It will help in eliminating all the unnecessary chaos during your virtual or hybrid event.

4) Share an interesting glimpse of your event

You can share behind the scenes from the speakers of your event. This will create excitement among the interested attendees. Moreover, you can promote informative content regarding your event on your social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so forth. This helps in creating engagement among individuals. Additionally, they will be able to interact more efficiently regarding the areas of their interest. This is a great strategy to promote networking prior to your event.

5) Get in touch with the sponsors and exhibitors

The exhibitors and sponsors play a major role in the funding of your event. It is important to enable the sponsors and exhibitors with top-notch facilities to expand the networking administrations. Networking plays a major role in attracting more sponsors and it also convinces the current sponsors to partner with you shortly. In order to help them interact with more individuals, you can utilise prominent features like AI matchmaking tools. We will talk about this marvellous feature in the points given below.

You can also take the help of your brand sponsors in order to lure in more attendees. You can ask for their assistance in order to boost effective promotion. This will ensure more audiences and will in turn promote networking.

6) Incorporate marvellous engagement features

During your virtual event, you can utilise a vast variety of engagement features. Numerous virtual event platforms as well as hybrid event platforms have come up with astonishing features that promote engagement within the blink of an eye. Live chat, live surveys live polls are great examples of exhilarating engagement elements. These elements allow the virtual attendees to communicate with each other as well as the speaker sponsors and even the exhibitors. Undeniably, this is one of the most effective features that will help you to promote your networking. It will also empower individuals to interact and share different ideologies with like-minded people.

7) Opt for AI Matchmaking tool

AI matchmaking is one greatest tool that is entirely based on artificial intelligence. This tool creates reliable lists that match interested candidates with the exhibitors. It functions by extracting useful information like the participant's name, contact number, business, interest, and so forth. It then moves to create a list with all the exhibitors and the interested candidate's names.

This is an important feature as it empowers the exhibitors to communicate and interact with the intrigued attendees seamlessly.

8) Amplify your event with gamification

Light-hearted gaming sessions are always an option to promote networking during any event, be it virtual or hybrid. Integrate games like crossword, spins the wheel, and so forth to keep attendees interested and engaged. Moreover, gamification promotes networking as well as audience engagement in no time. For example, in order to promote networking during virtual events, you can utilise interesting challenges along with a leaderboard. The leaderboard would depict the top candidates throughout your virtual or hybrid event. This will create healthy competition within your event and motivates individuals to communicate as well as indulge in more activities.

9) Utilise the utmost potential of tech facilities

In this competitive era, you will find breathtaking features that can promote networking with the utmost ease. You can utilise features like networking tables, B2B meetings, business card exchange, networking lounge, one on one meetings and a lot more.

One thing that is common about all the features is that they focus on audience interaction. These tools function in a way that interacting and communicating with each other is made with a single click process. This motivates the audiences to interact with each other and share the information as per their requirement. Additionally, features like networking lounge or business card exchange allowed the attendees to get in touch with the participants of their choice. This eliminates unnecessary chaos and promotes networking during virtual hybrid events.

10) Pay attention to the feedback

Lastly, do not forget to consider the audience feedback. It is essential to understand their point of view. This is so because it will help you find out more about your event. You can take corrective measures based on their experience and incorporate the relevant tools and features in your upcoming event. This will help improve your brand's image and amalgamate more networking strategies.


Networking plays an important role in the success of any event, be it hybrid or virtual. Networking allows all the virtual candidates to meet like-minded people and share their ideologies regarding various topics. It is important that your virtual event or hybrid event platform amalgamates all the necessary elements to boost networking during any event.

In the above-mentioned article, we have talked about 10 tips that will promote networking in your event with the utmost ease. We trust that this article will be extremely beneficial and provide you with informative content regarding the same.



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