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Tips To Fix iPhone 11 Charging Port

Tips To Fix iPhone 11 Charging Port

Apple recently released their iPhone 11, and it has become one of their fastest selling phones. However, with the increased use of any object, we figure its shortcomings too. The main area of concern is the iPhone 11 charging port. There have been several complaints from Apple users regarding consistent issues with their charging ports. These problems stem from either iOS updates or your charging port filled with dust, lint, and small bits of dirt. Having some tips on fixing your charging port is the easiest way to look after your iPhone. So let us dive in!

By the name of the issue itself, the cause of it all is likely the charging cable of your iPhone, but you can never be sure. Maybe, it is that the charging icon immediately disappears, or your iPhone will not charge when you connect a lightning cable to it. Some users see how their iPhone suddenly stops charging, while others complain about slow charging after the update. These reports come from iPhone owners who constantly face these issues after the update of iOS 13.2.3. This problem is not limited only to iPhones updated to iOS 13 but also iOS 13.1.1 and iOS 13.2.

Tips To Fix iPhone 11 Charging Port

Force Restart While Charging

The root of your charging port not working properly might be because of the update. If your iPhone was charging perfectly before the update, it might be that the newest iOS 13 update made the charging system glitch. When you restart your phone forcible, you end any erratic services and rogue applications that are slow down your charging process. This process is known as a Force Restart, and it might just be your best bet against this update.

Now, if you want to perform this simple yet effective procedure on your iPhone 11, you should follow these few steps:

  1. Put your iPhone on your charge.
  2. Briskly push down and release the volume up key.
  3. Do the same with the volume down key.
  4. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds or until you see the Apple logo on the white screen.

You will see that after your phone reboots, it charges just like before, and this time, you will not have any complaints whatsoever.

Inspect Your Charging Equipment

If this does not work for your iPhone, you can try some of these next steps. You should know that there are a lot of different things that can affect your iPhone 11 charging port. The two essential components you need to make sure are working are the charging cable and your wall adapter. Both of these should be MFI (Made For iPhone). If not, your charging port will not support the accessory. You can check if these two are the problem by comparing their output with another Apple product and see if it charges them. The damaged lightning cables are usually a common reason for iPhone charging ports.

Clean Up The Charging Port

When you are sure that those two are not the problem, you can check if your charging port is clogged. You have to regularly inspect the charging port of your iPhone 11 to make sure it is squeaky clean. If not, it can cause numerous problems as it may prevent your charging port from making a solid connection with your Lightning cable. In this scenario, lint, dirt, gunk, and other debris might be the worst enemies of your charging port. You need to follow these steps to inspect and make your lightning port cleaner:

  1. Get a flashlight or a torch. You can even work under a bright LED table lamp. Use anything bright since you need to see deep into the charging port to find dirt, gunk, lint, or any other debris.

  2. When you find debris, you can use any of the following tools to get it out.
  • An anti-static brush or a toothbrush: It will not conduct an electric charge or damage the electronic hardwiring at the bottom of your device.

  • Toothpick: This might be the most appropriate tool for the job. A toothpick will clean out the debris without damaging the delicate electronics in the port.

  • Paper clip: If all else fails, you can use the end of a paperclip. You have to do this while entirely avoiding the prongs on the bottom. Work your way gently to loosen the debris while staying strictly on the side of the port that is closest to the screen. Otherwise, you will damage the gold prongs.

However, you have to be precise while doing this, or you might damage the internal hardwiring of your charging port. You might void your Apple warranty and risk your charger not work altogether. Having a can of compressed air on you during this process will help get the debris out faster.

Go For The Professionals

The final way you can go is that you can send it to the Apple repair facility. If the warranty is not expired, you should check what damages the guideline of your warranty covers.

Final Words

The above methods are usually good enough to rule out all possible problems. So, if these ways work for you, congratulations! Your iPhone 11 charging port is back in business. If not, run to the nearest Apple Repair store and ask a professional to run some thorough hardware assessment because that is where the problem may lie. Happy Fixing!

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