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Things To Know About 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Things To Know About 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Congratulations on earning the beginner-level yoga instructor certification! Do you want to learn more about this ancient art? It is time for you to enroll in 300 hour yoga teacher training course. This gives you a chance to dive deeper into the knowledge about yoga on an enhanced level.

The best thing about enrolling in this course is it offers you the opportunity to not just learn but also become a certified yoga instructor. In short, this yoga certification course provides you the skills and techniques to learn and spread the knowledge of this sacred art. First, let us understand the prerequisites you need to join the 300 Hour YTT.

6 Things To Consider Before Enrolling In 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Given below are six things you should consider before enrolling in the 300 hour yoga teacher training certification.

1. The Reason

Even if you join the best yoga school In Rishikesh for the 300 Hour YTT it is important to consider the reasons for which you want to join the course. You are making a big commitment of both time and money so you must consider both the positives and negatives before starting on this journey.

2. The Timing

The second-most important factor you should consider before enrolling in this YTT course is choosing the right time. For example, if your hands are full with other responsibilities apart from learning yoga it might not be the best time to enroll in the course. There are a plethora of yoga teacher training courses you can choose according to your schedule.

3. The Experience

The one thing you should possess before enrolling in 300 hour yoga teacher training course is earning your 200 hour YTT certificate. Apart from this, you should possess a certain number of yoga teaching hours to develop a good level of confidence and refresh your knowledge.

4. Personal Yoga Practice

The 300 hour YTT is an advanced-level yoga course that you learn and practice with other yoga teachers. However, there is always a risk of things going wrong and you end up getting injured during a yoga session. You must spend some time improvising your yoga practice before enrolling in this course as it will reduce the chances of an injury.

5. The Type Of Program

The best yoga school in Rishikesh offer a variety of 300 hour yoga teacher training programs in numerous yoga styles. For example, you can do a 200 hour YTT in Hatha Yoga and do the 300 Hour in Vinyasa yoga.

In other words, you are not bound to learning and teaching the same yoga style. You can start with one yoga style and continue with another without any hassle. Just make sure you choose the best yoga school for this.

6. The Finances

The 300 hour yoga teacher training is an expensive course especially if you have to travel to another country. You must consider not just the course fee. There are numerous other financial expenses you should consider like travel and living accommodations.

However, enrolling in this yoga teacher training course also provides you numerous benefits.

3 Benefits Of 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Given below are three major reasons that make the 300 hour YTT worth it.

1. Dive Deeper Into Yoga Anatomy

Needless to say, as a yoga teacher you are expected to know everything about how the different joints function in a human body. Despite how much knowledge you gained about anatomy during the 200 hour program, the 300 hour YTT helps you guide the students when they practice advanced yoga poses.

2. Learn More Than Chakras And 8 Limbs

The 200 hour yoga teacher training gives you knowledge about the basics of yoga. However, there is so much more than just learning about the Chakras and 8 limb path. The 300 hour yoga teacher training helps you dive deeper into yoga scriptures and other yoga texts. It sets you up to gain a higher knowledge of yoga.

3. Become A Meditation Master

You might have a basic idea about meditation from the 200 hour YTT, it is still an important part of becoming a yoga teacher. With the 300 hour YTT, you get to learn the best methods of meditation during the yoga session. One of the goals of yoga is to calm and still your mind and knowing meditation would help you guide the students in achieving this goal.


The 300 hour yoga teacher training provides you advanced knowledge about yoga. Enroll in a certified yoga school to know more about this course.

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