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Drain Fly- A Real Annoyance

Drain Fly- A Real Annoyance

Have you been annoyed by small tan-bodied insects sitting all over the walls of your bathroom? If yes, then be aware because you may have a drain fly infestation in your house. Drain flies are bad at flying and love to grow in drains. Drain flies can be a good sign that your drain pipes are clogged.

However, they do not enter your house through drains, even a small hole in your window and door opening can let them inside your house. Once they infest your house they establish their whole colony within a few days. Although they are harmless to humans, it may look very unhygienic to see them all around your bathroom and sink areas. Before going further let us discuss some signs of drain fly infestations.

Signs Of Drain Fly Infestations

The most noticeable sign of a drain fly infestation is seeing them resting on the walls of your bathroom especially around the drains. If you watch carefully you may see some larvae wriggling over the breeding area. A drain fly infestation never lasts for more than 20 days, but if you have drain flies in your home for more than 20 days then you may need help from pest control services in Adelaide.

Some Tips To Get Rid Of Drain Fly Infestations

Cleanliness plays a major role in terminating drain flies from your house. Drain flies are the red light that signifies you have a filthy drain and messy house. They increase their population by mating, laying eggs, and growing in standing water or moisture. For the removal of drain flies, it is very important to discard their breeding ground. Let us see step by step how you should clean your drains for the removal of their breeding sites.

Unclog All The Drains

Clogged drains can be their most favorite place to be around. Yes! They hang out near dirty and stinky drains. Therefore, if you see any drain fly in and around your sink or bathroom, you need to check and unclog your drains first.

Clean The Drains

Drain flies feed on sewage and other decaying materials. Therefore it is very important to clean all decomposing filth from your drains. Running warm water through your drains while scrubbing them with a metal hose can be a great idea to clean drains effectively.

Pour An Enzyme Cleaner

After you are done with cleaning, it is crucial to remove all the particles left behind. Enzyme cleaner cleans everything that comes in its way, leaving behind a smooth layer that helps in the passage of particles through the pipe.

Rinse Your Drain

Once you pour enzyme cleaner leave it for a predetermined time. After that rinse your drain thoroughly with warm running water for at least 2-3 minutes. Now you can be assured that there is nothing left behind that can attract drain flies in your house.

Clean drains will not let them grow limitlessly. However, these steps are only useful if you do not have any severe drain fly infestation. If you have been tackling drain flies for more than a month then it is high time to call pest control Adelaide.

Why Is Taking Help From An Exterminator Important?

If you are tired of trying to get rid of drain flies on your own to no avail, you may need a professional hand to deal with them. Exterminators are trained individuals with proper knowledge of drain flies life cycle, breeding sites, larvae, and the best way to get rid of them. In addition to that their highly updated equipment is very important to handle drain flies effectively.

How To Keep Drain Flies Away From Your Home?

Unlike other pests, it may be a little bit tough to prevent a drain fly infestation. Drain flies can find a way to your home anyway if they like any smell coming from your house.

So the best way to keep them away is to clean your drains with a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and salt. It would be great if you keep your doors and windows closed.


You do not need to worry about drain flies until they start breeding in your house. They can reproduce at a very fast rate and settle in your house for a longer time. Although their life cycle is smaller when compared to other pests, they can be a real annoyance when seen in bunches.

However, they are not known for carrying any disease to humans or pets, but they may contaminate your food items if they sit on them. There is no doubt that they can carry tons of germs and bacteria on their body. Therefore it is always advisable that you take action as soon as you see any sign of their infestation.

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