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How can you make money with blog site.

How can you make money with blog site.

Organize free webinars

Free webinars are also an indirect form of income. With a free webinar, you primarily provide interesting information and create a trust for your visitor: your visitor gets to know you and will be more likely to become a customer with you. This is especially interesting if you also offer services or products in addition to your blog.

  1. Although webinars are easy to set up nowadays, you also have to take into account some technical aspects :
  2. good quality of camera
  3. good quality of microphone
  4. Often you start with the webcam and microphone that are standard on your computer. Although the quality is ok for a regular Skype call, they are often lacking for professional use.
  5. That is why it is interesting to invest in a better webcam (if necessary) and, above all, a better microphone.
  6. Free webinars are often used by software developers. It is an ideal way to give an information session remotely to potential customers worldwide.
  7. But you don't necessarily have to be a big company to host a free webinar. You can also organize a free webinar as a “small self-employed person”. The goal is the same; present your products and services and "create" trust for your potential customers.
  8. A lot of software is available to organize webinars, both free and paid. An overview of some possibilities can be found in the article “15+ Best Live Webinar Software” of TutsPlus.com.

Publish sponsored articles

As your blog becomes more popular, you will also receive requests for sponsored articles. If you have a small blog, you will receive questions from companies that would like a link to their website, often in addition to an article you have written.

If your blog reaches a certain popularity, companies will also be willing to pay for a link to their website. The correct amount depends on many factors, but the more specific the topic you blog about and the more readers you have, the higher the amounts.

It is important here that you "connect" your visitors to your blog; you can do this via social media or a free newsletter. As soon as you publish a new blog article, you can let us know via your social media channels and via your newsletter.

Write articles for other websites

Here too I will make a distinction between writing free articles (= guest blogging) and paid assignments.

Write free articles = guest blogging

With guest blogging, you are going to write an article for another blog, usually an authority within a certain topic. It is not the intention that you earn money directly with that. The goal is rather to attract a new audience, readers who click through to your blog by reading your article. As a blogger (or as a company) that is important because you depend on the number of readers you have monthly.

Paid assignments

Your writing style and expertise may catch the eye of other companies. Or maybe you have built up a certain name or authority around a particular topic that will make companies pay you to write for them. There are no fixed amounts for this, it all depends on your expertise and your reputation. It may be that the amounts for this are relatively low at the beginning, but as you build up expertise and experience, you may demand higher amounts.

Promote the products/services you sell

If your blog is part of your company website, you can also use your blog to promote your products and services. Do not think of ordinary advertising, but of informative or inspiring blog articles.

Inspire your visitors. Some companies use their blog to inspire potential customers. The Colora blog is a good example of this. They don't advertise their products directly but put a lot of how-to's and decoration tips on their blog. Of course with a reference to which products they used. Because they offer informative, interesting, blog articles that are a real added value, their blog articles invariably appear at the top of Google.

Another commonly used technique is that you publish blog articles and give away a little bit of valuable information. If your readers want tailor-made advice, they should contact you. For example, an accountant who publishes an article with general tax tips for entrepreneurs, where you can contact us for tailor-made advice.

Organize a workshop

Another option for making money with blogging is to organize workshops.

Suppose you have a popular blog about photography, it can be interesting to offer workshops to your readers. Your readers are already following you because they find your blog articles interesting. Be sure that some are also willing to pay money for an interesting workshop. An advantage is that they already know you, you already have a (trust) relationship with them, so you no longer need to convince them of your knowledge and skills.

Preparing a workshop takes some time, but the advantage is that you can give the same workshop a number of times. An additional advantage is that different people can register for the same workshop.

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