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Creating Search Terms Report in Google Ads

Creating Search Terms Report in Google Ads

Google Ads search term reports are used to see how the Ads are performing when they are triggered by searches. It is a list of search terms that people used, and your Ads got clicked. The value of the Google Ads search terms report is that it pulls large volumes of search query data into MS Excel and changes it into something useful. In this article, we will talk about creating a search terms report in Google Ads and getting the most out of it.

What Is Google Ads Search Terms Report?

According to Google, a search terms report is a list of search terms people have used frequently that resulted in your Ads being shown and clicked. This report provides marketers with valuable data on what their target customers are looking for. But, the search terms your Google Ads will appear for depends on the keyword match type you select.

Why Is It Important?

A search terms report shows you the search queries people enter in the Google search bar and trigger the Google Ads. Searchterms provide you with insights into what the customers want. If your Ads get triggered by the keywords that are irrelevant to your Ads, you can add them to your negative keyword list. This way, you can save yourself from spending dollars on useless search terms.

Also, studying the Google Ads search term reports lets you know which keyword match types work for which searches. Thus, you can refine your keyword search and use a better keyword targeting strategy.

However, if you don’t run your Google Ads search terms reports regularly, you won’t understand the traffic quality of traffic driven to your website. Or, you can’t measure the success of your PPC efforts without going through these reports.

How To Create Google Ads Search Terms Report?

If you want to pull a report quickly to have a glance at the data and want to set the negative keywords apart, you can use the ‘Campaign’ tab and find the search terms there. Though you will get similar data from the ‘Keywords’ tab, the process becomes much easier with a search terms report.

Google Ads provides you with options for downloading the reports. The options under the Dimensions tab let you create a solid report where you can schedule the reports to run weekly or monthly, customize the data shown in the report, or get insights into additional metrics, like time, conversion, etc.

But, how to locate the search terms report?

How To Locate Search Terms Report In Google Ads?

In September 2020, Google announced that it would show less data for irrelevant or insignificant searches. Below are the steps to locate a search terms report in Google Ads-

● Sign in to your Google Ads account and click ‘Search’ campaign.

● Click the ‘Keywords’ tab on the left side of the screen.

● Then, click the ‘Search Terms’ tab and ‘Negative Keywords’ tab.

● After that, adjust the dates for which you want to see the search terms data.

Now that you have located a search terms report, the next thing you want to know is how to use it.

How Do You Use Google Ads Search Terms Report?

In order to use search terms reports in Google Ads, below are a few practices you need to follow-

Find New Target Keywords

Within Google Ads search terms reports, you can make sure that you send high-quality traffic to the right landing pages. Look at each of the search queries, terms and organize them by your website’s landing pages.

Create Negative Keyword List

In case you find some search terms that are irrelevant to your Ads or that aren’t converting, you can add them to a negative keywords list. For this, click the box just next to the search term and then click ‘Add as a negative keyword at the top. You have options to add negatives keywords to the Campaign or Ad group level. Or, you can also add them directly to a negative keywords list.

View Data For The Google Ads Search Terms

Another great tip for using Google Ads search terms report is to determine the best-performing and worst-performing search terms. When you have a lot of data for each search term, you can optimize your Ads campaign for keywords/terms that drive the most conversions.

Download The Report

Google Ads provides options to download your search terms report in different formats, i.e., a .pdf file. Excel .csv file. You can download these reports for Google Sheets, schedule the reports to run weekly, or email the report to your colleagues and clients.

If you have scheduled your report on a weekly basis, the best way to ensure that you see the reports is to schedule emails. Doing so will let you view the search terms report the same day of the week it was scheduled to run.

How Often Should You Check Your Search Terms Reports?

Though search terms reports provide you with real-time data, you shouldn’t distract yourself from the other important marketing strategies. Based on the size of your business or the amount of traffic you get, you can schedule a search terms report once every 2-4 weeks.

But, the most crucial part of conducting a search terms report is to start right. Choose the right keyword match type and check the report carefully in the initial days. This gives you an idea of how your keyword strategy or PPC efforts are doing. Or, do you need to refine your strategy?


Knowing what your audience wants is an important part of online marketing. It is even more important in paid marketing, like Google Advertising, where a poor-performing Ad campaign can increase the wasted spend with no benefit. Google Ads search reports term is a great tool that lets you dig deep into the data. It helps you find the search queries and keyword match types that work best for you. You can also determine negative keywords that trigger your Ads for irrelevant keywords. When you do it right, you will be in a position to see the results quickly.

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