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7 Best Ziplines in the World

7 Best Ziplines in the World

The feeling of liberty you get when the wind is rushing through your hair and you’re flying high above the ground taking a bird’s eye view of the landscape below is beyond words. This is probably one of the main reasons why so many people go ziplining every year.

Today we’re going to talk about some of the most mesmerizing places where you can have the best and once in lifetime ziplining experience. Continue reading to plan out your next thrilling activity.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is best known for its beautiful terrain, active volcanoes and adventurous outdoor activities. The area of Arenal volcano is known for its thrilling ventures that offer an amazing experience for everyone. Not only the zipline here is of particular importance but there are several other corporate team building activities in Dubai that can help you in building a stronger bond with your colleagues. The zipline on the Arenal volcano will take you flying above the canopies of trees. While you’re flying through the whimsical fog witnessing the landscape, you can spot a sloth or a monkey.

Labadee, Haiti

The longest over water zipline in the world is present in Haiti. The Dragon’s Breath zipline in Haiti is capable of sending riders at a soaring height of 500 meters above blue waters and idyllic beaches. The riders get to enjoy these scenic views flying at a speed of 50 mph. The zipline ends at the sea cove i.e., Dragon’s Breath Rock. It is quite popular among the locals and tourists alike and most cruise passengers go for it as it’s quite near to the port.

Orocovis, Puerto Rico

The world’s best and most notorious zipline, The Beast, is present in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. It is the longest zipline in the world, stretching over an area of 1.5 miles. You can reach jaw-dropping speeds of 65 mph over the Toro Verde Nature Park. So, if you’re looking for a quick adrenaline rush, The Beast is the answer for you.

Jaguar Cave, Belize

If traversing through the sky at unbelievably fast speed doesn’t quench your thirst for adventure, we’ve got the perfect pick for you. The Jaguar cave in Belize is an ancient sacred ceremonial stalactite cave that offers ziplining along with other sports. So, if regular ziplining isn’t enough for you, try pairing it with a dark unknown cave with a stalactite mouth opening. Sounds quite thrilling, isn’t it?

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

If you don’t want to go ziplining alone, then the Waiheke Island zipline is perfect for you. In the outskirts of Auckland, you, along with your mates, can embark on a once in a lifetime ziplining adventure together at the same time. Try the fox zipline and see the beautiful Waiheke island from above.

Stowe, Vermont

Ziplining isn’t only for seeing the greenery rather it’s an excellent way to go leaf-peeping during the fall. One such place that provides you with this stunning option is Stowe in Vermont, the most colourful place in the US. Although Stowe resort is a popular ski resort during winters but it’s during fall when the magic comes to life. The Stowe resort offers its unique ziplining experience during Autumn when the whole forest is yellow and gold. So, if you’re one of those nature lovers who don’t want to miss the enchanted fall of Vermont, this zipline is perfect for you.

Mosjoen Zipline, Helgeland Norway.

No list of the best ziplines in the world can end without mentioning the picturesque zipline of Mosjoen in Scandinavia. This ziplining activity will take you on a true Nordic adventure taking place in the breathtakingly beautiful Norwegian mountains. Mosjoen literally means seaside in old Norwegian and was a medieval Viking farmland established around 1600.

The zipline starts from the Mosjoen’s cliff coming down 700m to Storfjellet. During this amazing drop, you’ll glide over the Vefsna River, Sjogata street and the Helgeland area. the zipline comes to an end at the garden of Fru Haugan's Hotel.

This zipline is a must-see and tries adventure once you’re in Norway. It is located midway between Trondheim and Bodo.

Final Words

As the saying goes, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. It is important that every once in a while, we should test out our limits and break our own boundaries. And what can be a better way of doing it other than trying something adventurous? We hope that this list containing some of the best ziplines in the world will definitely inspire you to test your limits.

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