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What is marketing?

What is marketing?

To buying, selling and advertising of a product, good or package a corporation starts numbers of activities is called marketing.

Buying and selling is not a marketing. Its means to understand, eloquent and fulfilling your customer desires.

In old sense marketing was just a selling product but now a days the concept of marketing is change, it is all about to see the requirements of customer. If a marketer concentrate the needs of customer, produce product according to their desires, support and allot the product in an efficient way, this will help to sell easily. Selling and promoting product are an important part of marketing.

Marketing Concepts

  • See customers’ needs and fulfill it with great determination.
  • Satisfy customer and their needs.
  • Company work and concentrate on customer desires.
  • Huge Profits are made after the customer satisfaction.


  1. Fascinate and develop interest in new customer
  2. By delivering satisfaction retain and increase the number of customers.

The 4 Ps of Marketing


Product is somethings that a company make and an offers to their customer. Product should be decent to satisfy their current buyer demand. Product should be unique than other market product everyone feel great and satisfy to having it. Creating new demand of product benefits the company as well as buyer.


In marketing placement or location is utmost vital part. The company should select a place with great intellect where customer easily get their desire product with good purchasing experience.


In Marketing price is also play an important role. The company existence and profit depend on price of product. Price is very critical part and company can’t overlook it. If the price of product is moderate and low huge numbers of customer can try it without any reluctance.


It is also play a vital role in marketing. It is quite costly but crucial components of marketing. In this way companies are able to grab attention of buyer and help them how product help them. Advertising, personal branding, sale promotion are include in promotion.

Different Marketing Strategies of marketing

Numbers of practices and tactics are combine then a marketing strategy is develop. There are different strategies of marketing are describe below.

Marketing plan

Marketing plan is very important for company and brand success. A company unable to reach their objectives without a marketing plan.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the discipline of marketing in which online campaigns are applied. Website traffic, brand gratitude and online sales are increase by digital marketing.

Email Marketing

Most effective and profitable form of marketing is Email marketing. Emails are sends to customer and encourage them to purchase company goods and services.

Inbound Marketing:

In this marketing traffic are attract by making value content.

B2B and B2C Marketing

Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing are two main sections of marketing.

B2B and B2C are two main division of marketing. B2B stands for business-to-business and B2C stands for business-to-consumer.

B2B marketing

B2B marketing is a marketing which is link towards a business or association. B2B marketing policies usually uses when any corporation sells their goods or services to other business or association.

List of products sold through B2B marketing

• Major tools

• Accessory tools

• Raw materials

• Treated tools

• Supplies

• Business facilities

The four main B2B product purchasers are:

Manufacturers: B2B marketing sold products used by producers and make their own things.( for example toys are made by using plastic metal)

Resellers: Selling products through wholesale lunches after buying B2B products

Governments: For government projects buy B2B goods. (For example mending substructure buying supplier services)

Institutions: For the continuation of their tasks Institutions buying and using B2B goods.( for example printers are used for school office work after buying through B2B)

B2C marketing

B2C marketing is all about to serve their customer. A Company produce and supports its creation and goods to individual people.

In old sense its means personal shopping of people but now B2C meaning consumer yields selling online.

C2B marketing

C2B marketing stands for Consumer-to-business marketing. Businesses and establishments consumed goods and services which are generated by consumer. Consumer are generator and Businesses and establishments are consumer in this type of marketing. C2B completely disparate the notion of B2C Business- to- Consumer where product or services generated by companies and available for consumer.

C2C marketing

C2C refers Customer to Customer marketing. The Market atmosphere is signified by Customer to Customer marketing in which goods and services are purchased by one customer for another customer to increase and facilitate the business. Customer to Customer or C2C marketing is modern and new type of marketing that has begun with new technology.

Significance and role of marketing

• Logistic reputation depends on marketing cursives

• Income are create by marketing

• Organizations are motivated by marketing

• Create awareness about product and increase its demand

• Employment opportunities are augmented

• Offer wide employment opportunities

• Strong competition are Certify

• Speed up the Business value

• Reasonable benefit are created 

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