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Why is horoscope matching considered important for a successful marriage?

Why is horoscope matching considered important for a successful marriage?

Is it written in the stars?

Here's how you can find out!

Finding your soulmate and knowing they are the one for sure can seem like a gamble in today's fast dating world. How then can you know for certain that it is 'written in the stars?' Marriage astrology and Horoscope matching can tell you exactly that. Through various astrological calculations and readings based upon a robust knowledge of the Vedas and Puranas, astrologers can accurately tell you whether it's meant to be or not.

How does Marriage Prediction work?

As illuminated by the age-old Indian traditions and ancient texts relating to matrimony, horoscope matching is instrumental for the success of a marital relationship. The process entails matching the horoscope (called Kundalis in Hindi) of the bride and groom to accurately measure their compatibility. This compatibility covers multiple dimensions that are vital to the success of a romantic relationship. Dimensions such as behavior, temperament, attitudes, propensities, and mindsets find expression in the stars. These very dimensions are known as Gunas in Hindi. 'SUVICH : The real astrology, is going to be your go-to place if you are looking for these things.

Is it a match?

When is a marriage approved while Horoscope Matching?

According to the Vedic scriptures and prehistoric astrological texts, there are 36 Gunas n each person's birth chart. If at least 18 or more out of these, from the two horoscopes, match, then the marriage prediction is that of success! In case fewer than 18 gunas match, astrology likely reflects a dim view of the couple and their future together.

Why Marriage Prediction?

All the reasons why it is the way to go.

The biggest reason for Marriage Horoscope matching is that you simply might know your special someone as well as you might think. Even when we seem to know a person inside out, certain inherent qualities are traits that people subconsciously act in adherence to. And while these propensities might escape the bounds of our normal human eyes, 'SUVICH : The real astrology almost always catches them.

And so, despite spending years of our lives with a special someone, the stars can always tell us something new (potentially crucial) about them.

Apart from checking the compatibility of the couple, marriage astrology can also prophesize various other predictions such as longevity of lives, possibilities, and the number of children expected important milestones and the likes. This can greatly help the couple to plan and be better prepared for tackling life-altering situations.

Why Bother about Marriage Prediction Anyway?

Things modern couples might be missing out on.

With a surge in the prevalence of love marriages in our society, couples increasingly cast away the importance of ancient wisdom and time-honored ways to live a happy and fulfilled life. And so it comes as no surprise that the insights of Horoscope matching and Marriage prediction are being discarded. But these horoscopes are essentially our birth charts based on the date and time of our birth. And they highlight characteristics and tendencies that we ideally possess. Not only this, but these very tendencies can also help us better understand what we truly need and require from a life partner. Consulting the right kind of astrologer can, therefore, help individuals understand their own innate needs and desires and then plan their futures accordingly.

In addition to this, Astrological readings can also help to discover scenarios, contingencies, and life inquisitions that a couple is planning to marry might have overlooked but are of essence for their happiness and success together.

Another lesser-known fact is that Horoscopes can reveal important hints about divine timings, heavenly interventions, and the arrival of good omens, which can prove to be indispensable for sound future planning by the couple seeking togetherness.

Marriage Horoscope Matching: The modern way

Why Horoscope Matching might be more modern than you think.