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Lotus Flower Drawing Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips

Lotus Flower Drawing Doesn't Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips

Lotus Flower Drawing 

Choosing a tattoo is a responsible business. Therefore, it is so important to study all the features of the picture you prefer and understand what exactly it symbolizes. One of the most popular is the lotus flower drawing tattoo, the meaning of which allows you to understand what exactly a person lives and what kind of inner world he has.

In particular, the image of this flower indicates:

• that a person has a rich spiritual world;

• he is pure in soul and blameless;

• lives or strives to live in harmony with the world.

Note! In most cases, a sketch of a tattoo depicting a lotus is usually done in color. Monochrome - or black and white - is very rare.

If you enter the query "lotus flower tattoo meaning" into a search engine, you can get several more interpretation options. A fairly common explanation is the unification of light and darkness, opposite worlds. This is because the roots of the plant emerge from the dark bowels of the earth, and the petals are drawn to the sunlight. That is, the lotus allows you to connect two opposites, but interdependent.

Lotus tattoo meaning in different cultures and countries

Since ancient times, this flower has attracted people with its unique sophistication, but, at the same time, with its amazing severity. And also, inimitable purity and freshness, amazing for a plant growing in a swamp.

Note! If we consider in more detail the explanation of what the lotus tattoo symbolizes, the meaning for girls will be as follows - this is a sign of fertility, femininity. This symbolism came to us from India. That is why the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity fell in love with this tattoo.

In the ancient developed states - we are talking about Rome and Greece - this flower was a symbol of the goddess of love. In turn, the ancient Egyptians believed that the lotus symbolized eternal life. Therefore, a flower drawing can often be found next to the image of the ancient Egyptian sun god.

Such a beautiful flower and Buddhists did not bypass their attention. If you decipher the meaning of the lotus tattoo from the point of view of Buddhists, it turns out that the plant symbolizes:

• awakening;

• knowledge of life;

• gaining wisdom;

• penetration into the depths of thoughts.

By the way! It is not surprising that Buddhists themselves are often painted or photographed in the lotus position.

Therefore, if we summarize all of the above, we can easily conclude that a lotus tattoo carries a person's desire for self-knowledge and full development, the desire to overcome obstacles that arise on the way to goals. Learn more about draw a spiderman.

Lotus tattoo meaning for girls: which part of the body to apply

This image is ideal for:

• shoulder;

• back;

• lower back.

You can choose colors based on your preferences, but light pastel shades are the best option. Although there are also saturated tattoos.

Note! If we talk about color, the following should be noted - white color speaks of the spirituality of the tattoo wearer, red indicates the purity of his heart's thoughts and passion, blue will tell about the wisdom of the owner of the tattoo, and pink - about divine thoughts and corresponding life traditions.

The size of the image can also be virtually anything. You need to build on which part of the body you are going to apply it to. On the back, a small flower will simply get lost, although it can also become a kind of the highlight of the image if it is pinned on the shoulder blade.

Lotus flower tattoo meaning: versatility and brightness

As you can see, lotus tattoo meaning for girls is quite diverse. This is one of the most striking wearable designs that will emphasize all the originality of its wearer. In general, such a tattoo has a positive meaning!

There are thousands of reasons for getting a lotus tattoo. Before you make a decision, it is worth learning as much as possible about the symbolism of this flower. He conceals many mysteries and is considered the personification of perfection, true harmony, eternity, constant development, and spiritual purity. Of course, in a person's life, a tattoo can mean something specific, an event, a person, a belief. But we take the meanings that are offered by world culture and national traditions of different peoples.

Lotus meaning

Since the flower grows in many countries, it got into different cultures, became part of beliefs and traditions. The Hindus and Buddhists who grew out of the ancient tradition became the main ones in promoting ideas about the lotus.

People who adhere to such beliefs often get a lotus tattoo, showing their desire to get rid of illusions - to awaken. There is a legend that Buddha was born from a huge lotus flower. It meant Prince Gautama or an entity that is forever reborn, history is silent.

In the photo on the right, there is a lotus with the om symbol

As for symbolism, everything is clear with it. The lotus begins to grow at the bottom of the lake. There is neither light nor beauty. There is silt, mud, and remains of plants and animals. But he does not give up, continuing to move up.

In addition to Buddhists, there were other cultures and religions in which this flower was worshiped - Egypt, Phenicia, Assyria, Hittite culture. It was perceived at the same time as a symbol of death and rebirth. In almost all traditions, he was perceived as a kind of embodiment of the idea of reincarnation. Among the Greeks, it was one of the symbols of the goddess Aphrodite. This tradition was adopted from them by the Romans.

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