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Top Three Ways of Creating a Quality Post through Content Writing in 2021

Top Three Ways of Creating a Quality Post through Content Writing in 2021

"We need quality content!"

Most of us have heard different bloggers, online business owners; marketing professionals post articles about the need for good content. A report stated that internet consumption in India has an upsurge at a 30% CAGR.

As predicted by the Cisco Annual Internet Report, the scale of internet users in India would surpass 907 million in 2023. This data substantiates the need for writing and creating informative content.

So, what is the need for posting quality content? Ideally, business owners post SEO optimised blogs and articles to help their website rank in the SERP. This is a great way of link building, improve CTR and form reliability among the consumers.

However, creating quality content is an intangible idea that makes you wonder: "What elements should I incorporate to make the content SERP worthy?"

The answer to this query lies in the sector or niche you have been working for. However, it is imperative to know that merely posting a blog or article doesn't complete the ranking process.

For a successful ranking, it is imperative to research the keywords and consumer needs throughout the phase. In this regard, hiring a trustworthy content writing would be a smarter choice.

If you are an entrepreneur planning to boost your revenue by posting good content, here is a checklist of some elements to improve the writing quality.

Top Three Tips to Create High-Quality Content In 2021

1. Determine the ideal content length

Writers and bloggers are often confused about the ideal length for generating organic traffic. Ideally, Google loves lengthy content that is properly optimised and uses white-hat techniques for ranking. In comparison, smartphone users tend to be impatient and go for a short length and quirky content.

In the battle of lengths, a content writer must evaluate the audience's preference. For a secured spot in the SERP, creating a 1000 words article or blog may be sufficient for internet users. However, try to incorporate detailed information and reference to convincing a reader. Adding fluffy stuff and multiple keywords won't yield credible revenue, even if the content is informative.

On the contrary, create short and solid content for mobile users that answers within a few paragraphs. Try cutting out the length if the content seems to drag or compiles fillers. Adding a summary would be a great choice in this regard.

Including long tail keywords would again help Google bots to detect the need for writing content. It helps rank better in mobile search results. You can add bullets, listicles, and more to enhance the reader's experience.

2. Include optimised images, info graphics, videos, and more

Visual content is the best way to attract more users to the page. The bright and colourful infographics summarise the context and give preliminary information. Visual content helps in receiving quality backlinks and leaves a greater impact on the user. Further, it increases the CTR rate and reduces the bounce rate.

It is important to know that casually incorporating videos and images in the content won't help it rank. An SEO writer must optimise the pictures and give proper image text for a clear description. Adding screenshots with explanations is again a great way of creating good content. If you work for a content writing firm, try taking help from a web designer or SEO analyst for this purpose.

3. Take care of tonality and structure

Tone plays a vital role in quality content creation. The readers won't read the article if the words leave no impact on them. For instance, a blog on new song trends should start with a generic tone rather than statistics.

Again using first-person and difficult terms would increase the bounce rate. Readers search a query to find an appropriate answer; failing to find the needed answers would make them avoid certain websites.

Hence, writers must include certain elements in their content like-

  • First and second person in articles
  • Third and second person in blogs
  • Well researched
  • More active voice
  • Call to action
  • Bullet points and listicles
  • Proper keyword integration
  • Short paragraphs
  • Correct spellings and grammar, etc.

Whether you are working for a content writing agency or freelancing, maintaining the sentence flow and structure becomes vital when dealing with technical issues. Moreover, a writer must evaluate the target audience and create content assessing the need for a serious or casual approach.

These are the top three valuable points every content writer must consider when forming the desired article. 

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