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What to Do When Avast Antivirus Is Not Working on Windows PC?

What to Do When Avast Antivirus Is Not Working on Windows PC?

It can detect the viruses from your system and then remove them immediately. Indeed Avast is a very robust antivirus but still, users may face antivirus related errors.

Before searching for other solutions; check the subscription. How to renew Avast free plan? If your antivirus is not scanning the Windows PC then you may need to renew the subscription. Open the dashboard of your Avast and go to the subscription window.

If the subscription is expired then click on the Renew button and make your payment for renewal. However, if you have an active Avast subscription then you should check for other causes.

Check your Avast setup requirements

Avast antivirus won’t work on your system if it can’t find the resources. Avast setup is available for Windows PC but you have to check the requirements. Sometimes users install the incompatible setup on the PC. You can only install the Avast setup which has the same requirements. While transferring the license, check the interface of both devices. You can’t use Avast for Mac on Windows devices unless you have a multi-license plan. If you have installed an incompatible Avast antivirus then uninstall it. Again, go to the Avast website and install a compatible setup for your device.

Check your Avast related registry files

Your Avast setup can stop working when some of its registry files get interrupted. These files should be restored for troubleshooting the error. Open the editor and inspect for the corrupted Avast related key. Restore the corrupted Avast keys and then run the setup. Users should get the backup for Avast keys before editing them.

  • Open the Run wizard on the system
  • Type cmd on the wizard and tap the OK button
  • User will get the black screen (command prompt)
  • Type Regedit on your Windows command prompt and press Enter button
  • Your register editor will appear

Check for all the Avast registry keys. Copy the keys and then save them with the .reg extension. Now paste the files to the system’s desktop and then repair the corrupted files on the registry editor. If you can’t fix them then ask professionals for help.

Increase the free hard-disk space

Antivirus requires some amount of space on your hard disk for working properly. When the PC has very little free space, your antivirus and other applications will stop running.

You have to increase the free space so your programs can work. Users can install the SSD on the system. In case, you have SSD then try deleting some of the files from your device.

Check for unnecessary applications and uninstall them. Also, check for large files like games and movies. Delete those files to increase hard disk space. After increasing the space, your Avast antivirus and other applications will start working reliably.

Update your operating system

The antivirus can stop working when the operating system is outdated. Many of the functions won’t work on outdated OS.

The user has to update the OS of the system. Download the OS updates now. Now click on the Avast icon and select the scan button.

Avast anti-malware will flush all the viruses from your system. Also, check for Avast antivirus updates and install them regularly.

Remove temporary files and system junk

Your system creates temp files to hold the data. After completing the work; those temporary files become useless. These files accumulate free space and can also conflict with other applications.

You have to clean those files instantly. Other than temp files, your system has some other junk files. You can go for the cleanout tool for cleaning those files.

  • Click on the run bar
  • Type cmd on the bar
  • Press Enter button
  • Type cleanmgr on the screen and run it

Now the clean manager will run the scan for junk files. A list of files will appear; check all the files. Select the checkboxes from the list and press Enter button. Those junk files will get deleted from your PC. Now try to run the full system scan with your Avast.

Uninstall other antiviruses and security program

Avast will show conflicting issues when the user has installed another antivirus on the device. Your antivirus can show conflicting issues with security programs like firewalls.

If you have another firewall installed then disable Avast firewall. Now, check for another antivirus. Delete the setup or other antivirus programs from your computer. Now run your Avast and check for the errors.

Reinstall your Avast setup

Reinstalling the setup would help when your antivirus program files are missing. You may have deleted the program files mistakenly or the files get corrupted. Repairing the setup files is difficult. Reinstall your Avast setup on your computer.

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