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An Extensive Write-Up On Launching a Ride-hailing App Like BiTaksi

An Extensive Write-Up On Launching a Ride-hailing App Like BiTaksi

If there is a business that is constantly magnifying, then undoubtedly it is an on-demand taxi business. Almost all of us would have taken a taxi ride before, right? The convenience of availing the taxi at our favorable timings, cost-effective than regular taxis, etc. are the bonus points of on-demand taxis.

If you have just stepped into the world of entrepreneurship or already owning a taxi business, then this blog is for you. This blog will give you a complete idea of a popular taxi app development along with various other insights. Gear up!

BiTaksi - A Fantabulous Taxi Services Company

BiTaksi is a taxi services company that serves in Istanbul and Ankara. They are popular for providing taxi services for specially-aided people and also for people who love to travel with their pets. The app is loaded with super-rich features and a lucid interface that gives the best experience for customers.

Here, we are about to learn about the BiTaksi clone app development. Right from the features to stages of application development, you will get to know the upcoming subtopics. So, stay glued!

How Does Your App Take Shape - Development Stages

Stage 1: Initially, you must think of the business requirements and then you have to choose a development company.

Stage 2: Tell them what type of app development you are looking for. Because there are two types of app development. One is the method of development from scratch and the other is the clone method. (Here, we will discuss the stages of clone app development).

Step 3: Once you have told them about your requirements, they will analyze and tell you whether the project will be feasible for them or not.

Step 4: If the app development project is feasible, then they will proceed with implementing your requirements and build a demo.

Step 5: Now it is your turn to check the demo and say whether your requirements are implemented or not.

Step 6: After getting the demo approved, they will move on to the front-end and back-end customization. This is the stage where you can tell the features you want in the app.

Step 7: So, the app gets ready for testing after implementing the features. Once the testing results are successful, they will launch the app.

Well, what is most important for your taxi business is on the way!

Highlights To Consider Before Launching Your Business

  • Identify the niche
  • Do market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Pick an app development company
  • Launch your app!

Identify The Niche

Every business has its own sum of challenges. So, the best way to run your business successfully is to find the right niche that has less competition. In the case of the taxi business, you have ride-hailing, carpooling, and Peer-To-Peer services. You are free to choose the one that will favor your customers and also your business. So, be clear about what niche you are going to step into.

Do market research

Market research is important because, without the knowledge of the scope, target audience, and competitors, you can set up your business. In the case of target audience analysis, talk to them, or read reviews given by them. Take note of all their pain points and find ways to help them via your business solutions.

Competitor analysis

Doing competitor analysis involves getting to know how they excel in the market. You must know how come they have an edge over others and why users prefer their products over others. To be precise, you must look at the unique value propositions they provide to their customers.

Pick an app development company

In general, how will you choose a company to develop your app? Either you will refer to the Internet or get recommendations from friends. While you are searching over the Internet, you will read the reviews and end up deciding whether they are suitable for your app development project or not, right? Other than reading reviews, you must visit their website, know their offerings and also schedule a meeting with them to completely understand their services.

Launch your app

Once you have successfully launched your app, keep working on your business strategies in regard to the current trends. Only when you offer trending services, your users will stay hooked up with your business.

Until now, we have seen the app development stages, and the preliminary steps before rolling out the services. Next, we will know the different features that are present in the BiTaksi clone app.

The stunning range of features

Live tracking

The live tracking feature cannot be ruled out from the app as it is highly important. Through this feature, your users can know about the locality of the taxi.

Fare estimator

Another major and useful feature is the fare estimator. When the users give their location details, the app will calculate the distance and generate the fare accordingly.

Push alerts

Push or instant alerts will intimate the ride-related details promptly to the users.

Payment modes

In your BiTaksi clone, you can add different payment options. By doing so, your users will pay the fare by choosing their preferred payment option.

Admin dashboard

You can monitor the number of rides booked, canceled, etc., through the admin dashboard. Other than these, you can control/monitor the overall activities of users and drivers.

Manual assignment

Though the assigning of ride requests is automated, you can still assign rides to drivers manually. This feature will be helpful in case you receive multiple ride requests.

Final thoughts

That’s all with the detailed write-up on taxi app development. The only way to soar high in this competitive business market is by employing strategies that are trending. This way, you can beat your competitors and also keep inviting new customers to your business. Another major thing to note down is the features of your app. The features will also help in attracting users. While launching your BiTaksi clone, make sure you have all the above-said features. The market size of the taxi business is booming and take this opportunity to launch your taxi business!

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