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Importance Of Hobby

Having a hobby that stimulates your brain at all ages will help you to be a better person, get rid of a little bit of stress, and not grow old horribly.

Think of all those free hours you are going to have the day you retire. Or in those few hours, you have for yourself when you leave work and your mother-in-law has the children. Or already flat at night when everyone fell asleep. What can you do? And you can't say "rest" or "go to the supermarket". If nothing comes to mind, you need to find yourself a hobby. Something that occupies your mind to such a degree that you cannot think of anything else and your hands so that you cannot grab the cell phone.

When your hands are doing something, your mind goes so far into the perfect stitch or finding the ideal shade of blue that there is no way that your worries will creep into your thoughts. And if yes, they don't seem as important as getting your roses to be left with just one thorn.

Every time you achieve something, you overcome an obstacle and improve your technique, your body and your mind feel more at peace than before. That is why everyone needs a hobby, which also helps you to...

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1. Learn to flow and empty your mind

We all prefer to start watching TV and scrolling on the phone than to embroider a tablecloth. It's true. And although it is necessary to vegetate from time to time, it is not advisable to live like this. So no, your hobby cannot be Instagram or watch series. You need a hobby to help you think about nothing but what you're doing. And it has to be hard enough for you not to focus on the movies, but not so hard for you to get stressed.

2. Structuring your time

According to Parkinson's law, "work expands to fill the time available to finish it." I mean, things take as long as you have time. For example, if you have an hour in which your son comes out of karate, that time takes your knitting, but if you have four hours in the morning, you can take all that time and finish your scarf. This is super useful at the time of retirement. Or if you have little time to enjoy, you get into it and you become super-efficient.

3. Create new social connections

Although many hobbies are one person's work, others lead us to get involved in groups and communities; They lead us to meet people with whom we would otherwise have no contact. Furthermore, that also implies that this space and that group are exclusively yours. Social connections are key to our well-being, and hobbies facilitate these connections, the good thing here is that you decide how much and when to open up.

4. Be more interesting

Having an activity like this gives you a lot of conversation. Your hobby adds layers and richness to your identity. People like to be with people full of passion and curiosity, with stories to tell, talent, and something to talk about beyond the Chamba stuff. So not only will you have a better life, but you will also inspire others.

5. Lower stress

When you have a difficult day at the office, your boss made you dust and you also made two hours of returning to your house because it rained, getting to watch TV does not help anything to improve your self-esteem. Now think that leaving the office you go to your painting class and finish the painting that you have been working on for months. Don't you feel very proud of your achievement? Beyond distracting yourself and setting your mind blank, these activities remind you that you are a person with many facets and that the fact that you are half wrong in one does not make you less.

EYE: a hobby is not an activity...

• Which is done for another purpose: "I exercise to be healthy", "I paint ceramic vases to sell" or "I am learning French for Chamba”.

• Extracurricular to prepare academically or physically for an event.

• That does not need any mental effort or skill: "my hobby is to watch series", zero!

• To exercise your body: one of the most important reasons to have a hobby is that at some point in life you no longer go to work and you will not be able to do much physical activity, so you will need to occupy your time. Drawing, sewing, baking can be more long-lived.

A hobby is an activity...

• Non-professional, relaxing that you do for your own interest in your free time.

• That requires some skill that you already had or develop in it.

• Who does not seek to become something else: in business, getting a job or a boyfriend, etc...

• In which you generally only use your mind and/or your hands

Tamoor Khan

Tamoor Khan

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