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Three Easy Ways to Restore Deleted Yahoo Emails

Three Easy Ways to Restore Deleted Yahoo  Emails

Developing an effective and efficient way of communication medium or service is always a great

challenge for all software developers and associated engineers, but emails have proved to be that

efficient way. One such email client used by millions of people around the world is Yahoo! Mail.

Nowadays, when we accidentally delete our email or not able to find it we immediately raise our

concerns to Recover deleted yahoo emails. While in older times when communication was made

through postal mails, it took days and sometimes even a month to reach the destination and by the

time it reaches its destination, the information in that mail or letter held no value. 

But from when email clients have been developed the way of communication has become easier.

People can now send information over any part of the world in a matter of seconds. Easy

accessibility of the internet service to all the people has also boosted the usage of email clients. In

today’s scenario of pandemic situations all around, only the email clients and internet have made

the survival of people possible. Only due to emails, the communication between co-workers is

possible. It has proved to be a formal and efficient means of sharing files and other confidential

information, for which we can keep a track of. However, when work and other personal emails come

into the same inbox, it often happens that the important email gets deleted. To solve this problem of

yours we are writing this article to bring in to the knowledge of yours that How to restore deleted

yahoo emails

Restore Yahoo Email through Desktop

At times it happens that we mistakenly delete important work emails. If you are reading this article

due to the same reason then you need not worry because you can Recover deleted yahoo emails

very easily. When an email gets deleted, it first goes to the Trash folder of the email, it stays there

for certain period of time before it gets permanently deleted automatically, which is another

characteristic of the Yahoo email client. Therefore, in order to know the answer to how to retrieve

deleted emails from yahoo, follow below mentioned steps:

1. If you are not using any third-party email client to access your Yahoo mail, then open your

browser, otherwise open that application.

2. Now, login to your Yahoo email account through Yahoo login page.

3. When the dashboard of your email account appears, go to the left-hand side, side bar menu.

4. There, you will find a folder named “Trash”, click on it.

5. Within it you will see several recently deleted emails.  Find the email you want to restore

and click on the checkbox present adjacent to it.

6. With the check box marked, click on the “Restore to Inbox” button to restore the deleted

emails back into the inbox.

7. Now you can find the deleted Yahoo emails in your inbox.

Restore Yahoo Email through Mobile App

You might be wondering that the restoration process of deleted emails is same for both desktop as

well as from mobile app will be the same, but it is not the case. Since, the email dashboard for

desktop and mobile apps are different thereby, there is a slight difference to restore email in both of

these. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Open your Yahoo mobile app.

2. In the bottom left corner of the visible screen in the app, tap on the menu icon.

3. Tapping on it will open several options, there you have to tap on the “Trash” button.

4. So as to Recover deleted yahoo emails tap on the emails that are to be recovered.

5. Open that email and at the bottom of the screen, there will be an option named “Move”, tap

on it and then select the required folder or Inbox in which your email will be moved from the

trash and will be prevented from permanent deletion.

6. Now, you can see the restored email in the folder in which you moved it.

Request Email Recovery from Yahoo Support

If you are not able to find the required email in the trash, then it might happen that it got

permanently deleted. Thus, now you have to write an email to the Yahoo support team requesting

them the recovery of your lost email. However, not every time the recovery is successful and you

have to send the request within 7 days of deletion of the email.

Wondering, how to retrieve deleted emails from yahoo. Well! We have made it simpler for you and

have written down the steps that you can follow for successful recovery if your deleted emails:

1. First, you have to go to the Yahoo Help Centre to request for the email recovery.

2. There, you have to specify the details related to the deleted email. Also specify from which

device, whether using Yahoo email website or through Yahoo email app. You may also need

to fill the approximate time when the email got deleted or last seen by you.

3. Now, you send the request you have to enter your Yahoo email ID or email address which is

currently used by you.

4. At last, click on the “Create Request” button to send the request to Yahoo support service.

5. It will take a day or two to get your email recovered. Once recovered, you can see the email

in the same folder from which it gets deleted.

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