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Top 6 reasons why every man should wear a wristwatch

Top 6 reasons why every man should wear a wristwatch

At a time when every other person owns and carries fancy cell phones, and can take a look at the time quickly, the need to own and wear cheap branded watches is literally non-existent. Yet the question remains, “Why do I need to buy and wear a watch when I have a smartphone in my pocket?”

A number of younger people believe it to be quite old-fashioned. But when asked if a modern man needs to wear wristwatches, we would suggest that yes, he should. And here are the reasons why.

Watches are super-convenient

While a smartphone could quickly tell you the time, watches can make you punctual. You don’t have to pull it out of your pocket every time, it’s on your wrist always and helps you keep a track of the time.

Taking out the phone is not only tiring but sometimes extremely frustrating. It could make you look desperate and much of a concern to the others around you. It is not always feasible for everyone to keep their phones in hand while they are travelling or working. With cheap watches strapped on to your wrists, you can easily steal a glance at your watch, even during back-to-back meetings. That is quite a formal approach.

Watches improve your style

Style and a good dressing sense matter a lot. And a wristwatch completes the look, making you look more stylish. Besides being a tool to gauge the time, watches are a great accessory to style and decorate your outfit.

Even if they are not very fashionable or trendy, they are always noticed. Unlike women, men do not have many accessories for themselves. So why not invest in pieces like Casio watches for men? These pieces are designed thoughtfully to fit every aspect of your life, fashion-wise.

Watches embody craftsmanship

Wristwatches are usually a piece of art that highlights the maker’s experience and exquisite craft. For some timepieces, it is not just a piece of art, but talks a lot about the tradition, history and obviously the craftsmanship. Craftsmen work for months on a single piece to make sure that they are one of its kinds. So, every time you wear a timepiece, do appreciate the effort of the craftsmen and their exquisite craftsmanship.

A watch is an investment

One doesn’t buy a watch to wear it once or just for a year. Watches continue to serve us years after too. Like any other form of investment, a watch is worth buying that provides a good return on money. You can even look for agencies or individuals and ask them for the valuation of your watch.

Just one watch continues to serve you for a long period of time, and can match an array of dresses. Wristwatches are multi-functional and could easily serve as a fashion statement. There is also, very often, an emotional attachment towards a particular wristwatch. Just like investments in cars, or jewelleries, watches too proves to be very fruitful for many.

Watches enhance your overall look

Wearing a classic, stylish watch can enhance your overall look, and help you groom it. Most stylish people never go without a matching watch that goes with their day’s outfit. At times it so happens that a watch acts as a missing piece of a puzzle, and it instantly glams up a look, providing the “finishing touch”.

Your first impression on your first day at office or a first date matters, and a wristwatch often gives out the right, positive vibes, at the right time.

Wristwatches help keeping your priorities in order

Time is the most important factor of a person’s life. Once lost, the time is lost forever. Thinking of looking up the time on our smartphones, and ending up browsing it a little, is something very usual. But a wristwatch doesn’t entice you doing so. You can cut short the distractions, and without getting distracted, continue with your work. A wristwatch will also help you keep away from your phone, especially when you are conversing with someone, in a meeting or simply trying to cut-down your screen time.

What are the characteristics of a good-quality wristwatch?

Everyone has a specific taste and style in wristwatches; thus, it becomes a little difficult to judge what is good or bad for anyone. For some the craftsmanship is the most important, for some it is the design or the longevity. But regardless of what your preference may be, there are a few things that one needs to keep in mind always. If you want to buy watches online, check out these points:

• The watch should be made of stainless steel with a PVD coating

• Check if it has a sapphire glass, which is clear and scratch-free even after regular usage

• It has a quartz movement or any other certified mechanical movement

• The leather or steel strap should fit well with the watch case

• It has a nice finish.

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