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These 6 Common Sexual Problems In Men Are Breaking Homes In India

These 6 Common Sexual Problems In Men Are Breaking Homes In India

According to the recent survey report published in the latest law," there is one divorce case in 100 Indian marriages".

In my recent interaction with one of the most recommended sexologists in India Dr. Chirag Bhandari, I realized that one of the main reasons for these divorces was sexual problems in men. In a country like India, where men are no less than god, finding any manhood issues is sin.

Women are scared even to express their dissatisfaction, and men have to ignore it to save their resonance. But a ship can't sail much with a wreck.

Sexual relationship is one of the main foundation pillars for marriages. And when one of the main paramount foundations is shaky, Rome will certainly fall some or other day.

Dr. Bhandari has done a lot of work in sex therapy, sex advice, sexual treatment, helping people with counseling sessions and webinars, and spread awareness about sexual problems in men. Based on the conversation, I have summarized the six most common sexual problems in men that people go to sex experts for.

Sexual Problems of men That can Break A Marriage

Sex in a marriage is the thing that distinguishes the relationship from all other relationships. it's the energy that brings couples together in an extraordinary way that doesn't happen in any other relationships in your life. The sexual problems identified as the root cause of sexual dysfunction are mainly psychological or physiological reasons.

If you are in love with your partner and want to strengthen your relationship, then do identify the alarming signs of sexual problems and consult the sexologist near you.

#1 Low Libido.

The first most important thing to have sex is to desire it. There is no thumb rule on how many times you should have sex; what's important is that it should satisfy both partners whenever you perform. Libido refers to sexual desire or lustiness. If you or your partner have significantly less or almost no desire for sexual activity, then this can be the case of low libido in men. Professional stress, smoking, drinking, obesity are the main causes of low libido. Taking medicine that can boost testosterone levels, eating aphrodisiac food healthy, and regular exercise can help you build the libido.

#2. Paraphilic Disorder

There is a standard way of consummating for every living species. But some men might have mental disorders like paraphilic disorder. They might have an unnatural sexual desire like sex with young children or animals, or they might get aroused only after tying the partner or hurting them. Playful sex and role play are good and can enhance the sexual experience, but it should be done with mutual consent where no one is hurt. If men are having paraphilic mental disorders, consult the sexologist or psychologist to get the right treatment.

#3. Erectile Dysfunction

If you or your male partner desires sexual activity but is having a hard time getting it hard, then it might be the case of the most common sexual problem in men, "erectile dysfunction". If the male is 40 years old or above, then ED is quite natural to happen as the testosterone level falls down in men's bodies. But If you are still young and can't have proper blood flow in your penis, look for help from a sex specialist. There are many ways to get the Ed test. If mild ED is diagnosed, you can start performing yoga, follow, Mediterranean diet to get natural treatment. In case of complicated ED problems, visit an andrologist or sexologist to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

# 4. Premature Ejaculation

The relationship can take a u-turn if there is no satisfying sex for females. Every time while having a physical relationship, a man ejaculates before his female partner, then this might bring stress in the relationship. When a man ejaculates within 1 min of erection, he suffers from an acute case of premature ejaculation. Stop and go technique or squeeze technique are natural ways to control ejaculation.

#5. Small Penis Size

The penis is a male organ, important for performing sexual activity. Women get orgasms when there is proper penetration of the penis in their vagina. The size and girth of the penis play a significant role in penetration. On the contrary, many Indian wives had new issues with the small penis size of their husbands. If your wife is not happy with the size, you can consult with a urologist for penis augmentation. When a woman can choose to get the breast augmentation done to give men some extra fun, a man can also do the same for his wife.

# 6. Addiction to Sexual Content

Watching videos or images for sexual stimulation is a habit of many, and nothing is wrong in doing it. The problem starts when it becomes an addiction. When watching sexual content becomes an addiction to a man, it can indirectly affect the marriage. The major issue arises when a man starts recreating the same images as shown in these videos and expects too much from his wife. The other issue is that he loses interest in real life and finds pleasure only by visualizing it. In such cases, a good sexologist can help to solve the addiction problem in men.

Take Away Of The Blog

Apart from these sex sexual problems in men, another major cause of failing relation is alcohol and drug abuse: the relational like power and control issues, pursuer distance or partners unmatched dynamics.

There is also sexual boredom that sometimes occurs when there's not any energy given to that part of a relationship.

We also now live in a world where one or both parents have a very demanding job. Even demands of kids all take away from a sexual connection between a husband and wife. But you can take charge of your life and place all the pieces right to make a beautiful complete journey of your marriage. 

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