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Defining Hybrid Application Development.

Defining Hybrid Application Development.

Hybrid software is a software program that combines elements of native & web application. Hybrid apps are usually called for web apps that have been used in a way of a native app shell. 

As they are downloaded and installed, the application shell can connect to whatever application and programs the mobile platform provides. There are a lot of application development companies out there providing a ton of services, budding developers can connect companies and gain experience regarding the process.

These apps are so known because they allow programmers to code for a mobile app over a single unit and still perform over multiple platforms. Because these apps add an over-layer in between the source code and the target platform, there's a possibility that these apps may perform a little slower than native or web-app versions of the same application.

Features of hybrid applications

Hybrid applications features include:

  1. These can perform even when there's no application connected.
  2. Can easily integrate with the mobile file system.
  3. Can be integrated with Web services
  4. How hybrid applications work

Hybrid Application Working

Hybrid apps work in a similar aspect to Web applications but like native apps, these can be downloaded to the Mobile/desktop.

In context to Web/Native apps, hybrid apps are typically written in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Hybrid apps can even run a code inside a container.

As hybrid app share, similar navigation protocols/elements as a Web application does and the usage of application working offline depends on their program/functionalities and it depends upon If the app does not need support from a database, then it can run function in offline method.

Hybrid application pros and cons!!!

Pros of hybrid apps include:

  1. Dynamic performance over other platforms
  2. Easy to build as compared to native apps.
  3. Pocket-friendly solution compared to other app development methods
  4. It can work on both online and offline framework

Cons of Hybrid App include:

1.The Visibility and appearance of an app may vary on different platforms.

2.There are a ton of tests done which ensures the application credibility as compare with other native and web apps.

3.User experience (UX) may differ only if the user interface (UI) isn’t promising to the loader

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