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Prepare for your interstate relocation like a pro in 6 easy steps

Prepare for your interstate relocation like a pro in 6 easy steps

Interstate relocation is the most demanding type of move. The farther you go, the more time for planning and preparing awaits. It goes without saying that a lot of effort is needed. You need to apply yourself even when moving intrastate, but this is a huge step. Our intention is not to discourage or intimidate you but to help. Putting into practice the following steps, you should find the whole process much easier.

There is one additional thing worth mentioning - the present situation, which is a bit chaotic. We mustn't forget that the circumstances have changed a little since the coronavirus outbreak. Some borders were closed, tests had to be taken, and so on. Luckily, the general guidelines for moving during covid 19 are the same to a certain extent, so don't worry, you won't miss much. Anyway, the situation seems to be brightening up day by day, and we can look forward to a better future.

The first step of interstate relocation: make a thorough plan

To have a successful interstate relocation make a masterful plan. You need to be organized, otherwise, you will end up making mistakes, wasting time, and losing things, and who would want that? There might be individuals who will consider this daunting after reading, and know that that's quite normal and that the DYI move is not the only option. It is not necessarily the best one either. Often people find the process of relocating overwhelming, but there is always the freedom of choice!

Having a plan will ensure you don't forget anything and will save you time

If you decide on hiring movers, don't think that's it. It is in your best interest to search for and find the best possible help based on your needs and in which, of course, the company's reputation plays a major role. Finding good moving services also requires a plan, you see?

The second step: packing

Even though it seems pretty straightforward, packing is a broad term. That being the case, packing is further broke down into a few steps:

  • Make an inventory
  • Figure out what to do with stuff you don't need
  • Find adequate packing materials
  • Don't overstuff boxes
  • Label boxes
  • See to the furniture

The first two are straightforward and don't need further explaining. However, finding adequate materials is a challenge as you don't want anything to get damaged. When you are picking cardboard boxes, weight limits and size are essential for your choice. In that way, you will prevent overstuffing and breaking boxes. Then comes securing with packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, or something else, depending on what you're packing. 

Something so trivial as a packing tape can't make a difference, you're thinking. Quite the contrary, you need to pick adequate packing tape, otherwise, all that effort can be spoiled in a second. Pack similar kinds of households together and label the boxes in the end.

Third step: hire professional movers

Hiring movers is hard to escape from when crossing state lines. On the other hand, there is no reason to avoid it. We mentioned taking care of the furniture. Not everyone can deal with large items from the house. If you have a station wagon or family truck, it is unlikely that there will be room for a sofa or whatever you're transporting. Even if you had to move just the furniture, you would have to travel a couple of times.