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Latest SEO Trends to Look Out For in 2021

Latest SEO Trends to Look Out For in 2021

In case you are out looking for the best SEO services in India to boost your online business’s presence, you know it isn’t as simple. SEO is a vast concept with something new and better being introduced in the industry regularly. For modern-day business owners, nothing is more important than to keep us with these trends.

But isn’t this a challenge in itself? Knowing what to look for and where? The SEO trends in 2021 that will help you lure more traffic are changing. Do you know what are some of these major trends? If you don’t, you are already giving your competitors an edge over you.

To prevent that from happening, let us learn about a handful of these SEO trends that you can seek for your business from a quality SEO optimization company in India.

• Website’s Mobile Friendliness

Ever since, the mobile-first indexing update by Google was introduced, making a website significantly mobile-friendly has been the goal of every SEO service provider in India. As per Mobile-first indexing, the search engine will primarily consider the website’s mobile version for ranking than the desktop version.

This means you need your website to be convenient for the users accessing it from their mobiles. Google must be able to crawl your website’s URLs that will determine where your site stands in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). There is Google’s mobile-friendly test where you can check as of now how mobile-friendly your website is.

• The Prominence of Voice Search

Further, any good Indian SEO agency knows how much voice search is going to impact SEO in the long run. Even today, a fair amount of internet users prefers searching for a product or service through voice search. How does your SEO is affected by this? Well, for starters the searches are bound to be more long-tail and precise.

You will have to search and use more long-tail keywords in your content and meta tags so that a potential customer can find you via voice search. Voice search optimization is also opted for by SEO experts across the globe. Making sure your website is voice-search optimized is going to play a huge role in driving traffic and sales in 2021.

• The Impact of Featured Snippets

The best SEO packages in India are the ones that include featured snippets too, especially now. In case, you don’t know, featured snippets are the rectangular boxes that appear on the top of your SERP when you search a query. Now if you want your content and web page to be on the featured snippets, it will depend a lot on your SEO team.

This is so because there aren’t some stepwise rules to get your page to appear on snippets. When you hire an SEO company in India, they will work around a few strategies that help your website. The content of your snippets must be in a structured format.

• Your Content’s Length will Matter

Year after year, SEO strategies and trends changed but the significance of your content didn’t. However, 2021 brings stats that show your long-form content is proving to be more effective for SEO than short content. Brief content has been the way to go for SEO for a long time, but long content gets more backlinks too.

If you seek service from India’s No 1 SEO company, they should understand and consider this trend if you want your site to be a success in the online market this year and ahead. Content is the backbone of SEO and therefore, regardless of the industry, a business cannot afford to not do right by their website’s content.

• Role of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating many industries for a while now, and it has begun to impact SEO as well. With the help of AI, SEO service providers in India and everywhere else will find it easier to cope up with the ranking algorithms and create strategies accordingly. AI will not only make SEO more effective but timesaving for you.

Many SEO companies are already using different AI solutions for different purposes. HubSpot and MarketMuse are a couple of popular examples of the same. It is also important to keep up with the latest AI solution trends.


These above-mentioned trends are just a few major factors that you and your SEO service provider will have to keep in mind. Those of you who haven’t found a reliable SEO company yet, visit WillShall, an experienced SEO service provider in India with a team of skilled SEO experts.

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