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Are Credit Cards Worse Than Personal Loans?

Are Credit Cards Worse Than Personal Loans?

People generally avoid taking personal loans due to the idea of ever-mounting debt since its interest rates are quite high. They only take this loan when there is no option left and in urgent situations. These situations may include starting a business, medical emergencies, a pandemic, or in situations when it is the matter of paying off necessary bills.

Usually, people only feel comfortable taking loans from major banks or traditional lenders. It is because of human nature that they feel comfortable acquiring things with which they are familiar rather than something that is unknown.

Do you also like to get financial support from these sources? Well, in this guide you’ll get to know about a better option.

Similarities in Personal Loans & Credit Cards 

Both personal loans and credit cards are ways of borrowing money. In both agreements, you will get funds offered at a specific interest rate. They also include monthly payments, late penalties, amount limits, paperwork, and more. And mishandling any of them can lower your credit rating and can create problems in further things.

Key Differences: Personal Loans Vs. Credit Cards

One of the biggest differences between personal loans and credit cards is that the type of credit involved is different.

Credit cards involve revolving credit which means that one can borrow money when they need it. But the payments will be based on the outstanding balance at that particular time span.

Personal loans, on the other hand, offer a lump sum amount of funds in one initial payment. And one must pay back it in installments in a finite time period.

Other Differences are:

Credit Cards

Revolving debt

Can be secured or unsecured

Usually charges high-interest rates

Can stay forever if one uses it faster than paying it back

Personal Loan

Installment loan

Can be secured or unsecured

Can charge lower interest rates

A specific end date before that one has to pay it back

When One Should Opt For A Personal Loan?

Personal loans are considered the best option if one has to pay for large purchases. They can also get it to pay for sudden vehicle repairs, home improvement, consolidating high-interest debts into a single loan, etc. These loans do not require any collateral to lend you money. If you have a good credit score, you can easily get this loan.

Perks of Personal Loan

The top advantage of getting this loan is that you’ll be charged with a lower interest rate and constant monthly payments till the end date. This will help you predict and make it easy for you to build your budget. You can also calculate when you’ll be completely out of debt.

Funds received from a personal loan can be used for various tasks excluding higher education and illegal activities. Each lending institution has its own terms and conditions and procedure to give you approval. Well, some lenders such as Canadian cash solutions offers same-day approval and funds.

If you have a good or excellent credit score, you can easily get a personal loan from any lender operating in the market. But there are some lenders who offer this loan to people having a bad credit score or poor financial history.

If you have bad credit you can get a co-signer to get you the loan at lower interest rates or you’ll have to pay a high-interest rate. You can also put up something as collateral to secure the loan like a vehicle or a bank account.

When One Should Apply For Credit Cards?

Credit cards are for the ones who need smaller and more frequent money which you can pay off in small time periods. Professionals recommend that one should pay off his entire loan before the due date.

Companies that offer credit cards only charge you interest if there is a balance piled over a month to month. Therefore, to keep yourself free from the interest, you should pay the loan entirely before the due date.

Well, paying payments earlier can put your spending on a reward card and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits and you don’t have to pay interest. The key to accomplish this is discipline.

Some lenders offer a zero percent APR period on purchases and balance transfers. Therefore, if you are looking to make large purchases or consolidate other debts, you can go for a credit card. But make sure you pay the loan amount before the end date of the 0%APR period.

Always keep in mind that credit cards have a higher interest rate than personal loans. It has a straight impact on your credit History.

Therefore, you can choose the one that is best for you and fulfill all your requirements. Regardless of whether you choose a personal loan or credit cards, the only thing that matters most is getting approval. Another thing is getting it at your favorable terms. So, choose the option wisely and get rid of financial troubles.

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