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Best medical practice management software/apps in India

Best medical practice management software/apps in India

Software or app for medical practice management is vital for the people working in the healthcare industry. In the clinics, while the automated system takes care of the various manual activities, doctors can focus much more on their patients. Thanks to the advancements in technology, such things have become possible, and it has given utmost convenience to the doctors in medical practice management.

The Healthcare sector is evolving fast, and to keep up with the technology trends, every clinic and doctor have to opt for the medical practice management software to stay up with their patients. Furthermore, in current times, using the apps also ensures the safety of the patients as they can take consultation from their homes without getting exposed to vulnerable circumstances.

Ways in which medical practice management software helps

● Take medical help irrespective of the location

● Various modes of consultation available

● Patient data is protected and saved for later use

● Doctors can generate prescriptions and invoices

● Reduced manual hours and minimized documentation

The list of benefits that one can be ripe for is endless. Let's dig deeper and find out the apps that are reliable and most opted for.

Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor

The most popular amongst the doctors, this app has easy to use interface and all the necessary features to do medical practice management online. It automates the various manual processes like making appointments, sending reminders to the patients, and keeping patient records. Moreover, it also lets the doctors generate e-prescriptions for the patients, thus minimizing the extra paperwork. If a doctor wishes to manage the online clinic all by himself, the Bajaj Finserv health doctor app provides a virtual receptionist to take generic calls on behalf of the clinic.


This app is apt for all the clinics, big or small. It can easily automate many operations like billing, appointment, prescription generation, and much more. Furthermore, the software is also apt for hospitals, as it can help in bed management, insurance management, and stock or inventory management. Doctors find the app reliable, and its extensive features make it all the more worth for clinics and hospitals of all sizes.


It is a professional app for doctors that make medical practice management easy and extremely smooth. The video consultation feature provided in the app is helpful for both patients and doctors. It is easy to use this app as it includes only three key steps:

● Schedule the video consultations

● Start the video consultation on time and discuss the issues with your doctor

● In the end, the doctor can share the prescription with you.

One can book as many sessions as one needs, and the doctor consultation becomes easily accessible and smooth.


Another good app to helps digitalize the clinic/hospital operations. Doctors who opt for the app get all the roles in an automated manner in the app. One can create different users or can handle all of them on his own. There is a reception feature for taking and tracking appointments. Furthermore, after login, the doctor will get the whole schedule of the day. He can then plan things accordingly.

From the patient's perspective, upon logging in, they can look for expert doctors as per their requirements. The whole appointment availability will be visible from which the patient can book the slot and take online consultation. At the end of every session, the doctor can share the prescription.

Elite Clinic

The elite clinic app is for the smaller clinics or specialist doctors only. It is a sorted medical practice management software that acts as a bridge between the patient, clinic staff, and the doctor. A patient can request an appointment; the staff using this same app will notify the doctor.

Furthermore, patient records are also stored online. So for the next visit, the patient doesn't have to carry all the papers.

Various other apps are providing online medical practice management features. Before opting for any app, consider your requirements, rating of the app, and the user-friendly interface. Furthermore, check for the reliability factor and vital features, if any. The app that stands tall on all the parameters will work best for digitizing the clinics. It will help widen the client base and offer ease of operation as well.

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