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The Best New Mobile Games Coming In 2021

The Best New Mobile Games Coming In 2021


Last Fantasy VII: The First Solider is the 1st on the list of upcoming games in 2021. It is a dazzling battle royale game in which you play as a soldier nominee with killer abilities and a deadly arsenal. When you engage in intense firefights with other teams, expect to see a lot of familiar locations and summons. It is scheduled to arrive later this year.


The long-awaited mobile spinoff to developer Slightly Mad Studios' iconic racing sim series, Project Cars, is finally here. Taking inspiration from the CRS Racing games, this one is aimed at a much more casual audience.


Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is unlike any other licenced mobile game. This storey adventure from Kaigan Games, the creators of Simulacra and Sara is Missing, explores the frightening side of Doctor Who by pitting you against the creepy weeping angels.

Dragon Quest Tact

Dragon Quest Tact is a strategy role-playing game in which you team up with some well-known monsters from the Dragon Quest series. As you progress through your journey, you will practise, customise, and grow your team, gradually making them special to you. In short, it's shaping up to be a must-play for fans of Dragon Quest and gacha games.


Is there anything else to say other than the ‘new Castlevania game'? Moonlight Rhapsody is the latest instalment in the dark Gothic action-adventure series for mobile devices. Though we don't know much about it, based on the gameplay video we've seen, it appears to have good production values and gameplay that's close to Symphony of the Night.

Though Moonlight Rhapsody is currently being produced for Chinese markets, we expect the game to be released in the West soon. In any case, it'll be one to watch in 2021.


A throwback to the 1990s, featuring the world's favourite Bandicoot, is one of Glen's most awaited games of 2021. Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is essentially a mobile version of the popular series, challenging you to slide, spin, and leap through iconic locations from the franchise's past.

When you're not playing classic Crash games, you can help Coco grow her base. Because, obviously, you can't have a mobile game without a side of base construction.


Diablo Immortal is a brand new and mobile-exclusive entry in the Diablo series that takes place between Diablo II and III. Its visual design, as well as many of the classes, are similar to Diablo III, so veteran players will feel right at home.

But this isn't just a mobile-optimized version of III. No, this is a full-fledged MMORPG set in a persistent online environment. You can easily bring your friends along for the trip or meet new people.

In our guide, we'll go through everything we know so far, including the Diablo Immortal release date.


Mobile is awash in battle royale games, but Lilith's forthcoming hero shooter, Farlight 84, appears to be attempting to differentiate itself. Despite being inspired by Fortnite in certain ways, the game places a greater emphasis on heroes and their skills. Farlight's post-apocalyptic world includes some pretty bizarre weapons and vehicles, such as giant walking spider tanks.

Overall, we anticipate a weird mix of Fortnite, Brawl Stars, and Borderlands. In any case, it's one to keep an eye on in the year 2021.


Though we haven't learned anything about it since then, the first Pokémon MOBA made quite an impression when it was announced in June. Some players were pleased, while others were not, but we believe in the idea of a Pokémon MOBA because, after all, battling is what they do. However, Pokémon Unite has a lot of interesting ideas and shifts the standard aggro-focused MOBA formula to a concentration on catching Pokémon.

According to FourCreeds, The game will also be cross-platform (Switch and mobile), which should aid in the development of a vibrant in-game community. Pokémon Unite was supposed to come out this year, but it's more likely to come out in 2021.

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