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FlexClip - A free online video tool to create videos in minutes

FlexClip - A free online video tool to create videos in minutes

FlexClip - A free online video tool to create videos in minutes

FlexClip is a free online video production tool software. You can create videos completely through the web. It is also the video creation tool I use most often. Especially when I want to make videos quickly, FlexClip has a large number of template templates. Apply, change the text and material a little to complete the movie.

FlexClip (https://www.flexclip.com/) can be said to be the best solution for all video production needs. Whether you want to choose the material to make the video or edit the video you shoot, you can complete the video production step by step through the fairly intuitive design interface of FlexClip.

In this article, I will introduce the advantages and characteristics of FlexClip, teach you how to make a video using graphic teaching methods, and provide my editing skills and tricks, and finally, my evaluation of FlexClip.

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a free online video production tool launched by PearlMountain Company. The function is quite complete and powerful. You can create the video content you want from scratch through the online website. The FlexClip online tool can integrate pictures, videos and sounds. Any commercial videos, social platform creation videos, event or festival videos, etc., can be produced online through FlexClip.

Advantages of FlexClip

1.Lots of free theme template templates

FlexClip has a large number of built-in template videos of various themes. You can choose to apply these template videos to make your needs, enter the type of video you want in the search field, and there will be a superset of boards to choose from. , The point is that these videos are free and copyright-free and can be used commercially.

FlexClip also provides a large number of various types of movie templates. In addition to your reference, you can also directly apply and modify them to become your own movies. If you have the type of movie you need, check out all kinds of FlexClip movie template types.


Promotional Videos

Real Estate Videos

News film

Company video


Tutorial movie


Birthday video

Wedding video

Tribute film

Anniversary Film

Music video

Travel video

Social media

YouTube videos

Facebook Videos

Instagram video

Twitter videos

Facebook cover

YouTube title

2.Complete video production tutorial

The FlexClip official website also provides a very complete video editing tutorial, starting with adding video material, video editing and processing, photo editing, text, LOGO and special effects, cutscenes, adding music and watermarks, and finally setting and outputting the results. , Teaches you step by step how to edit and produce a professional movie, but unfortunately, there is only an English version of the tutorial.

3.Easy to use video editor

The biggest feature of FlexClip is that you can edit and make videos online, and its editor is very easy to use, and you can learn it almost after playing it. You can see the various functions in the toolbar on the left. Click on each function label, and each item will be presented as an icon. You can know what it is at a glance.

4.Cloud storage of video files

All videos made in FlexClip will be automatically stored in the cloud platform. Next time you log in to your FlexClip account, you will see all the previous video files. This advantage is that you can easily use any computer wherever you go. Continue to edit the video. You can also download the video file anytime, anywhere.

How to use FlexClip

The FlexClip online video production software provides a very complete video editing function, which is very sufficient for our general video use needs. The travel videos that I often cut are also made quickly with FlexClip. The main reason for using this software is to be fast and then have good video quality. If you have ever made a movie with FlexClip, you will be familiar with all its functions. 

Checklist of FlexClip video maker:

Choose a template or blank project

Prioritize confirmation of the video ratio (this is important!)

Place all video files.

Confirm that the number and order of the clips are correct

Edit clip transition effects

Add video text

Add the video LOGO, opening and ending credits

Add icon elements (if necessary)

Join music

Add a watermark (if necessary)


Although the free version of FlexClip allows you to make videos easily, the biggest limitation is that it only has a 480p video resolution. Not to mention watching the video on the computer, even the mobile phone is very blurry.

Therefore, the class leader would still recommend spending a small amount of money on upgrading to purchase [Basic Package] 720p or [Advanced/Commercial Package] 1080p. The output video resolution will be very different.

The second difference is the amount of media library used. If you will apply a large number of built-in media library materials, it is still recommended to choose a commercial package with no upper limit.

There is also a big difference in the length of the video. The basic package, the premium package to the commercial package, is 3 minutes, 10 minutes, and 30 minutes, respectively. This will be related to the length of the film you need to make. I choose the commercial package myself.

My experience

I think FlexClip is a super convenient online video production tool. You can make videos directly on the web without downloading any software, and the entire operation interface design is very simple. I also recommend it to people who have never been in touch with video editing. It is very suitable for the first time you want to learn how to make a film and use FlexClip to get started. And if you have some basics in film production, using FlexClip to make the film will definitely be super fast. If the necessary process of making a film is clear, you can immediately know which part is missing by checking step by step to the toolbar.

FlexClip is very suitable for editing videos that I shoot and has a large number of media material templates built-in so that the needs of videos created on various social platforms can be completed through FlexClip. Now, as long as I want to make videos, the first time I thought of using FlexClip, recommended!

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