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How to Make Money from YouTube Channel

How to Make Money from YouTube Channel

Online celebrities are a new phenomenon, and such people have a huge fan following on social media platforms like YouTube.

These online celebrities generate massive revenue from their fan base by creating content based on the requirements of their audience. For the same, they keep various polls and other things on the platform.

In the initial stage, if any content creator wants to earn money, then he/she has to create interesting & informative videos to reach a wider audience. By doing this, they start getting more views on their YouTube channel after a specific interval of time.

However, YouTubers now have a range of options to monetize their content and earn good money for their content.

If you are also interested in earning through YouTube, then consider 7 strategies that are given below.

Multiple ways to earn money through your YouTube channel

In order to make money through your YouTube channel, you need to join the YouTube Partner program.

To join as a YouTube Partner, you must have 1000 or more subscribers and a watch time of 4000 hours or more in the last year.

And one of the best ways to get more watch time is to buy high retention YouTube views for your videos. Various influencers have started their YouTube journey by purchasing YouTube views.

By following the strategy, you can join as a YouTube partner quickly. Moreover, you will have a chance to use special tools that include the ability to monetize your video through Google AdSense.

YouTube users use different advertising formats to monetize videos and the advertisers pay money based on impressions and clicks.

The advertising revenue that is generated is then shared by YouTube and the content creator in the ratio of 45: 55.

Fan funding

It is a type of loyalty program wherein you get a donation from your audience for getting good content.

If you are interested in earning decent revenue from this route, then we have a few tips for you.

The first and foremost is to disclose how the money you get through fan funding will be spent. This will help you to make your audience invested in your mission and you will let them buy the value of your content.

The second tip you must follow is to attract them with pledges and rewards. In this strategy, you have to make the donors feel that they are getting something exclusive for being a long-term loyal fan.

This will help you to get more donations from your subscribers.

You can use some of the fan funding options that include - YouTube super chat, Patreon, or Teepee.

Sell merchandise through your YouTube channel

Selling products and merchandise through YouTube channels is a very lucrative deal. As a YouTube partner, you can sell a maximum of 12 items of merchandise through your channel.

In this, you act both as a content creator as well as an entrepreneur.

Brand sponsorship

Another viable way to earn money through YouTube is brand sponsorship.

In this, a company will pay you money if you promote their brand or the products they are selling in your video.

For example, if you regularly post tutorials on makeup, then the companies selling cosmetic items might reach out to you to promote their brand or products.

Review products by becoming an affiliate

If you are a social influencer with a huge subscriber base, you can earn a commission by reviewing products and services of different brands that are relevant to your audience.

For this, you have to first sign for the affiliate program of the brand. After this, you have to promote their products and services by sharing your affiliate link in the video content you have uploaded to your channel.

Sell online courses

If you regularly upload video tutorials for your audience, then you can leverage your position as an educator. For the same, you can teach skills relevant to your audience through your videos and make money.

You can check the feedback of your audience to find out the subjects in which they are interested.

Based on the analytics, you can make online tutorials on those subjects.

As your audiences are already interested in the subject on which you have made the video tutorial, you are bound to get many YouTube views and if they find the content interesting, they will be more than willing to pay for it.

Paid membership program

If you have a large and loyal audience base, then you can turn it into an exclusive community that can view or download special digital content that you have created.

If the contents you create are unique and interesting, then people will be willing to pay a membership fee to join your channel as a premium member.

This will in turn bring in a steady source of revenue for you.

Sell license of your videos to media houses

If you have interesting content that has become viral on social media, you can license it to the media houses.

The media companies can put the video to great use by offering limited streaming rights so that only they can broadcast the video.

In return for providing license to your viral video content, you can receive money as license fees from the specific media houses.


As a video creator, YouTube can be an incredibly profitable channel through which you can earn handsomely if you can create unique and interesting content that people want to see.

While creating content for your YouTube Channel, you should strictly follow the community guidelines and don’t post hateful or spammy content on your channel.

You should also take care not to infringe on copyrights, otherwise, you might get reported.



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