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5 Things You Must Know Before Flying with Herbs

5 Things You Must Know Before Flying with Herbs

The Department of Agriculture and the FDA are still implementing new legislation, a fact that explains the uncertainty around traveling with CBD. After the new Transport Security Administration update, it is now relatively legal to travel with hemp-derived CBD and medical marijuana. As long as the FDA approves the products you are carrying, you are on the right side of the law. However, if you plan to fly with potent Sativa strains, you need to be extremely cautious and check the TSA guidelines and your destination regulations.

This article highlights five tips on how to travel with CBD without getting into trouble with the authorities.

Carry the Relevant Documentation

Currently, one can only travel with CBD products for two reasons: one being medical purposes, and secondly, recreational use. You will need to have the relevant documentation for you to get past security checks.

If you are bringing your medical marijuana into a flight, for instance, you will have to adduce your doctor's prescription. This includes the medical certification that should come with the prescription. With these two documents, you will get through any security checkpoint without much of a hassle.

If you are carrying CBD for recreational use, vapes are often allowed on flights. However, officials can always demand a reasonable explanation from you. To help you justify your reasons for bringing CBD products with you, always remember to carry the products' documents.

Don't Exceed the Legal Dosage.

Part of the implemented regulations involves limiting the dosage of CBD that one can carry. Whenever you are traveling, you should make sure that the CBD you decide to bring along is within the prescribed limit.

You will not clear security checkpoints with excess doses for whatever reason. Across most states, you can only carry doses enough for thirty days of prescribed usage, or 150 grams. That said, you cannot pack up your travel luggage with tons of CBD and expect to reach your destination with such absurd dosages.

If you are found carrying more CBD than what is legally allowed, you will face legal charges for breaking the law. Have I said the officials will confiscate your CBD? Why lose that much while you can avoid it all by adhering to the industry's regulations.

To stay clear while traveling, carry no more than the legally allowed quantity. If you require large CBD supplies while traveling, you can always purchase more from online vendors. There is no need to pack your entire CBD collection.

Remember to Cary Your Products' Certificate of Analysis

At this point, it is essential to note that not all CBD products in the market meet the regulator's standards. Low-quality products often have incorrect and illegal cannabinoid content.

It is not uncommon to have products with high THC content labeled as otherwise. Such a product is illegal. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully assess your product's ingredients and Certificate of Analysis before purchasing, especially if you intend to travel with them. When evaluating the product's COA, please make sure that the THC level is below 0.3%.

Once you have verified your CBD product, remember to pack its COA for federal and local officials to confirm its legality. The whole point is that you have to be certain that you are not carrying an illegal product.

The CBD Should be Properly Packaged

The Transport Safety Administration has implemented travel requirements for all liquid products. Liquid CBD products such as oils and lotions fall under this category and must therefore meet these standards. Travelers are allowed quart-sized bags of pastes, creams, gels, and aerosols.

We advise against hiding liquid CBD products. Package all your liquid products in one bag for convenience at security checkpoints. Transparency will save you from further scrutiny from officials.

If you have adhered to the first three tips, there will be no point in concealing your liquid CBD. Furthermore, hiding it will only make you look suspicious. If the officials find out that you are trying to hide your CBD, they will be forced to probe you further.

Research on the CBD Legislation of your Destination

As you prepare to travel with your CBD, take time to research CBD legislation in the state or country you are visiting. Your research should revolve around how, why, and where you can carry CBD. We recommend that you research both international and domestic destinations.

Countries such as Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Italy have legalized CBD. There are other states such as Florida and Texas with stringent regulations for CBD sale and use. You should understand what you are permitted to do and what you shouldn't do to stay on the safe side of the law. You do not want to find yourself facing legal charges in a foreign state just because you ignored reading the relevant regulations.


As you fly with CBD, you must stay mindful of regulations to avoid violating the law. With these five tips, you can stay safe and still enjoy your CBD experience as you fly across borders. 

Rebecca Siggers

Rebecca Siggers

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