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What Are The Best Laser Treatment For Wrinkles?

What Are The Best Laser Treatment For Wrinkles?

Laser skin resurfacing is a deep peeling that removes the top layer of the skin. The treatment stimulates the enhanced production of collagen and elastin, which provides a noticeable rejuvenating effect. After treatment, the skin becomes clean and appealing.

Beauticians of laser clinics in Canberra provide different types of laser treatment according to the condition and skin type. In this guide, we mention in detail the types of laser treatment for wrinkles.

Let’s have a look at those!

Different Types of Laser Treatments

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

This type of laser treatment is used for resurfacing stretch marks, scars, eliminating neoplasms. The downside is strong heating.


The device emits several microbeams, the heat is dissipated and doesn't irritate sensitive skin. The procedure creates a lifting effect, suitable for the neck and eyelids.

Fractional (Non-ablative Rejuvenation)

This laser treatment renews ageing skin, triggers regeneration, and collagen production. It doesn't harm the healthy tissues.

What Are the Impact Zones?

Laser resurfacing is most often used on the face, forehead, eyelids and skin around the eyes, lips, periorbital zone, nose, and neck. The device works well on different types of scars, even on the delicate skin of the eyelids. The laser removes the top layer of the skin on which acne scars are located. The plot is renewed and takes on a normal colour.

It's a safe and effective way to fight pigmentation, freckles, and lentigo. The beam acts on the spot, removing cells that contain a large amount of melanin. In this case, healthy cells aren't affected. Instead of a spot, smooth, light skin is formed. They successfully fight vascular asterisks with a laser. The impact is only on haemoglobin, the vessels are affected pointwise.

What is Good About Laser Treatment?

Immediate Result

The result is immediately visible. After the procedure, patients notice a positive effect.


The laser beam is precisely directed to the defect, without trapping healthy tissue. Additionally, modern laser equipment is equipped with a cooping system that reduces patient discomfort, and before the session, the skin is lubricated with anaesthetic cream.

Fast Recovery

The rehabilitation period takes only 3-5 days. Puffiness and redness disappear in a few days on their own. After this, the patient can return to the usual rhythm of life. You just need to follow the recommendation like avoid going to the gym, taking sunbathes, and saunas.


Laser resurfacing is used to eliminate aesthetic imperfections on the skin of the face and body, as well as to eliminate the consequences of stretch marks, and other operations.

Bottom Line

Don't expect to notice the effect immediately after leaving the skin clinic. At first, the skin will turn red, there may be slight swelling. The skin will recover in a few days and the result will be noticeable after 10 days. To consolidate the result, you should undergo a course of sessions, especially if you're experiencing significant skin problems. The professionals of a clear skin clinic in Canberra recommend effective medications to get rid of contradictions.

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