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Benefits of a Cloud-Based HR and Payroll Solution

Benefits of a Cloud-Based HR and Payroll Solution

The world goes digital, and corporations try to to an equivalent by automating their tasks. Every growing business shares a standard thing and that i .e., an endless desire to be agile and efficient in its operations. Simply put, increased efficiency across critical business processes helps a corporation drive in additional profits and spurs persistent growth.

Human resource management is that the crux of any business, which involves arduous and painstaking chores like employee management, tax computations, payroll processing, TDS filing, tax returns, etc. to be executed on a routine basis eating up a big amount of a company’s resource, time and money.

This is why companies all over the world are turning to cloud-based payroll solutions to avoid the sluggishness and inadequacy of legacy HR systems and make space for a more nimble workforce., scalable, and intuitive payroll solution.

Businesses encounter prolific changes over time, but one thing that a lot of organizations still haven’t adopted fully is ‘going paperless’, and payroll processing isn't an exception. A cloud-based payroll solution is that the perfect escape plan here.

Here are a couple of robust reasons that shout bent make that big switch to the cloud:

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Since cloud-based payroll solution is automated, it saves an excellent deal of your time and efforts. Say goodbye to laborious payroll calculations, incentives, and tax calculations, among other things. Yes, with formula-based calculation for earning, deduction and taxes, payroll processing may be a cakewalk.

Ease of access

Because cloud-based Payroll Software India is completely web-based with cross-browser compatibility and mobile support, HR personnel can conduct payroll even when they're on the go. What more! the worker self-service feature provides employees with direct access to update and manage their details, receive pay slips, apply for leaves, check leave balance, etc. saving your HR personnel from tons of administrative chores.

Intuitive time and attendance management

At your fingertips, end-to-end and sophisticated time/attendance tracking and administration.. roll simplified.

Full email integration

Cloud-based payroll software provides a centralised platform for sending emails on the move. Send payslips, TDS worksheets, and other critical HR reports and emails at the press of a button. Plus, enjoy excel based import-export functionality.

Multi-location support

Do you have offices in multiple geographical locations? to not worry, as cloud-based payroll comes with multi-location and user support. Access, manage, collaborate and process payroll for multiple locations with just a couple of clicks. Payroll anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Swift implementation

One of the most important benefits of a cloud-based payroll system is it doesn't require any installation intrinsically and no got to download the software either. the appliance is rendered directly into your browser to urge you started in no time. additionally , updates are taken care of by the seller and are executed straight from the vendor’s servers.

Paperless Payroll

Bid farewell to tons of documentation and filing work. Bookkeeping and payroll processing become simple and paperless with cloud-based salary software. Moreover, going paperless means being eco-friendly, as you reduce your carbon footprint to an excellent extent.

Worry-free storage

In case of any untoward incident like a natural calamity or total server breakdown, cloud storage will save the day for you. Since all the info is securely stored on the cloud, no worries of knowledge lost thanks to any such unfortunate incidents.

Liberty to customize

With the recent advancements in technology and changing business environment, vendors of cloud-based payroll solutions even offer a customized payroll solution to satisfy specific business needs.

Real-time insights

Receive real-time insights and analytics with intuitive reporting. Empower your HR professionals to form informed decisions with cloud-based HR management software.


Computing isn't almost computers today, it's all about staying at par with the digital era. If you're keen to find out more about how a cloud-based payroll solution can do wonders for your business and crank up your payroll process, inspect PionHR or click here for a fast demo.

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