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Dental Hygiene Guide For Elderly People

Dental Hygiene Guide For Elderly People

Dental health problems will be more aggravating as people will age. So, it is more important to take care orally by visiting dental clinics regularly. If you are experiencing any dental issues, treat with restorative dentistry where you get better treatment.

You need to be aware of your elderly parents to keep better oral hygiene. Most of the people who are avoiding dental care or ignored by older adults may have several teeth issues. Yes, some of the dental diseases may be affected by weak oral hygiene, and medications, and chronic illnesses like diabetes, and heart diseases.

In fact, most people may face some of the oral conditions when they are at old age which is not seen in young age. These include dry mouth, darkened teeth, attrition, root decay, gum diseases, sensitive teeth, etc. Here you have some of the reasons why it is very critical for dental care for elderly people.

Heart disease:

Some of the researchers found that gum diseases may increase more risk when it comes to heart attacks, and many other health issues which are linked with heart conditions. Hence, maintaining healthy oral hygiene may be important to reduce these conditions.

Tooth decay:

Some of the medications for asthma, depression, high blood pressure may affect a dry mouth, and that leads to decreased saliva flow. Also, the dry mouth may increase the risk of tooth decay, many oral diseases.


It may cause, when there is an increase in dental caries as well as missing teeth may keep risk more in pneumonia.


high-level gum diseases may decrease the ability of the body to utilise insulin better. With this, high blood pressure may effects gum infection.

Gum diseases:

it can be seen at least three to five seniors having issues with gum diseases. This problem may be common if their oral care is poor oral care and usually that may not remove plaque.

Elderly people who are facing these health issues may also suffer from discomfort, pain and may experience dental issues like mouth and jaw pain. These problems keep elderly people very difficult while eating and drinking.

The tips which we have given below need to follow to maintain better oral hygiene:

Brush your teeth twice a day:

Make sure to brush twice in a day morning and before going to bed to keep your teeth fresh. And using fluoride toothpaste and bristle toothbrush may show better results in teeth hygiene.

Floss every time after eating:

It helps in preventing food and plaque that is stuck between the teeth. Also, that may remove all the particles that hide inside the mouth. So, most of the dentists recommended for everyone to floss every time after eating foods.

Clean your dentures:

Make sure to remind the elderly parents about their dentures to clean every day. This may help them in preventing stubborn stains and other dust whatever is left on that.

Avoid taking excess sugar:

It is important to avoid taking more sugar, because taking high sugar may affect tooth decay, other dental issues.