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Adding volume to the embroidery. Method number 2

Adding volume to the embroidery. Method number 2

Today I will tell you how to add volume to the embroidery digitizing in another way using special foam (3D foam, puffy, pouf, puffy, foam, BODYBUILDER (Madeira)). Some manufacturers call their foam EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), some - PE foam (Polyethylene). It all depends on the chemical composition. But this does not change the meaning of this product.

Traditionally, foam embroidery can often be found as inscriptions on caps and bags. But, I've seen embroidery with foam and T-shirts. The pouf can be put not only in the letters but also under the appliqué.

Foam comes in a variety of colors (usually all rainbow colors). But the most common are white and black, at least I have not yet met any other colors here in Russia. Usually, they try to use the one color of the foam that best matches the color of the threads. The thickness is also different - from 3 to 8 millimeters. The most widely used 3mm foam.

The technological process of embroidery with puffy is quite simple:

• First, all elements of usual embroidery are embroidered, if any in the design. Then the car stops.

• We put the pouf in the right place.

• We embroider on a pouf, while the needle perforates it along the edge.

• Separate excess foam.


• Before placing the pouf in the hoop, you can sprinkle it a little with temporary fixing glue so that it does not move.

• The embroidery needles are matched to the type of fabric. It should be borne in mind that the most often recommended type of point for better pouf perforation is around (ballpoint). And the number of the needle should be chosen slightly larger than is usually used for this type of thread.

• It is necessary to loosen the tension of the upper and lower threads in the machine so that they go around the pouf and do not crush it.

• Reduce vehicle speed.

• It is recommended to use rayon or polyester threads for embroidery digitizing services on foam. And don't use metallic. I also saw recommendations to use 30-gauge thread to save stitches in the design.

• Smooth and very durable fabrics work well for the embroidery base. It is not recommended to use thin and unstable fabrics. For example, chiffon or silk.

• If the pouf is not separated from the embroidery too cleanly, then it can be set on fire with a lighter.

Digitizing an embroidery design using puffy

• The most effective for embroidery with a pouf is, of course, satin. It is necessary to choose a design in such a way that the satin width is at least 5mm. I also saw recommendations to use a fill under the pouf, for example, a patterned one with a long stitch length. But I myself have not tried it; therefore I will not say whether it works well or badly.

• We put the first frame - a simple line with a stitch length of about 1mm around the perimeter of the element.

3. We number the bottom caps-caps for open ends for perforating the pouf from all sides. On the inside of the caps, the edge can be made uneven so as not to perforate the pouf.

Instead of caps, you can use pinching. This is the selection of the angles of inclination of the stitches so that the stitches in the corners are so small that they perforate the puffy and no caps are required.

4. Next, we digitize the second layer of frames - double zigzag with a density of 1.5-2mm

5. We number the outer satin.

The pull comp is increased to 5-15% of the satin column width. Increase the pull-out compensation (push comp) - remove at least 1mm from the open ends.

The standard coverage density that is commonly used increases by 40-100%. For example, if a density of 0.4 mm is usually used, then for embroidery on foam, a density of the top layer of 0.2-0.3 mm is needed.

Turn off the function of shortening stitches at the corners.

Here, perhaps, are all the recommendations for digitizing.

There are 2 ways of looking at puffy deletion times:

• after initial perforation by the framework

• after the design has been completely sewn

At this point, I cannot comment on anything. Everyone does it the way they want. I tear off the pouf after finishing all the embroidery.

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