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5 Strong Reasons Why Should not buy used paper bag making machine

5 Strong Reasons Why Should not buy used paper bag making machine

An Introduction

Paper bag making business has joined the list of one of the thriving businesses in the world. As people are now aware of the fact that the increasing plastic pollution will soon turn the earth into a dump yard, they are moving towards the use of paper bags. Many businesses have also started packaging their wares in reusable bags to do their share to conserve the environment. A paper bag making machine can produce bags in versatile colors, sizes, and shapes to meet the packaging requirements of the sectors. As technology advances, it gave birth to a flexographic printing machine that can print paper bags in a way that they can creatively promote a business.

The machines can help you gain a competitive edge in the market so that you can add most to your revenue. But do you know that incorporating a used paper bag making machine can hamper your production capacity? If no, then let us tell you.

5 strong reasons why you should not buy a used bag making machine:

1- The production quality: 

The first thing to look for in a bag making machine is its scope. How many types of bags it can produce based on size, color, and shape. Needless to say, producing high-quality paper bags is a job that requires a top-class bag making machine.

When you incorporate a used machine in your production process, it hardly guarantees quality. A used machine is generally lower in quality when compared to new machines backed with the latest technology. Therefore, it will not be wise to invest in a machine that produces low-quality paper bags and reduces your chances of getting success in the respective industry. By choosing a used machine, you may put your business sustainability at risk, which you may not like to lose.

2- Generates more waste: 

Now, people are moving to brands that also take care of the environment. A used bag making machine has no guarantees regarding production waste. This will bring two concerns into the picture.

  • The first one is from an economic viewpoint. The more waste a machine would generate, the more losses it will bring for the business. If the machine is not making the most out of the available resources, the less likely it will help you lower your production cost. This will lead you to poor ROI and may cost the sustainability of your business.
  • The second concern is from the environmental viewpoint. The more waste generated will be discharged into the environment hampering its beauty and deteriorating the ecological footprint. Taking care of the environment is also an obligation a business must fulfill. Therefore, it’s better not to invest in a used machine.
3- Life of components: 

A new machine comes with support equipment and guarantees effective functioning of all the machine’s components for a provided period of time. A used machine does not provide any performance guarantee, and if any component or components fails to perform, then not only you have to incur extra expenses, but also the efficiency of your production unit will be hampered.

A stop in your production process will not let you hit your projects’ deadlines and make your customers move to your competitors. If you do not want such a situation to come true, then it’s better to drop the idea of buying a used machine.

4- Lack of service: 

A used bag making machine comes with the additional problem of lack of service. On the other hand, a new machine comes with warranties and assurances of prompt and free servicing for a specific time duration.

  • With a used paper bag making machine, the warranty period is long over, and the cost of repairing as well as maintaining the machinery falls completely on you.
  • If the machine breaks down during the production process, then the same can bring huge losses for your business. Any lack of service from a used machine will be no less than a curse for your business revenues. There is no point in buying a used machine and getting involved in daily maintenance issues.

5- Installation and transportation expenses: 

When you buy a new machine, the vendor incurs the cost involved in the transportation and installation of the machine. But the same does not happen when you invest in a used bag making machine. All the costs involved in transporting and installing the machine falls on you. By ditching the idea of purchasing a used machine and going for a new one, you can save yourself from incurring the extra expenditure.

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