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Why use the massage gun?

Why use the massage gun?

muscle massage gun Comfortable massage Thanks to the scientific frequency and amplitude of vibration, the massager effectively relieves muscle spasms and stimulates blood flow. Let you enjoy a multi-angle massage and relax your muscles at the touch of a button. The full body massager makes your body lighter and more comfortable. Take a deep breath, be ready to release all the pain and pain, and relax from head to toe. Our massage guns are quiet and operate at speeds below 50dB. It is an electric high-frequency mobile therapy massager. For athletes: Relieve muscle soreness after sports training and workouts. For personal physiotherapy: soft tissue pain relief and chiropractor assistance. BUY NOW Energize with the lithium-ion rechargeable battery: Large 2600mAh capacity for 4.5 hours of operation. Rechargeable Wireless Handheld Muscle Muscle Massager for Athletes, Crossfit, Office Workers. Start your quiet and cozy family spa now!

Main Features

【VIBRATION MASSAGE GUN FOR MAXIMIZING Gun Massage Gun Comfortable massage Thanks to the scientific frequency and amplitude of vibration, the massager effectively relieves muscle spasms and stimulates blood flow.

【FULL BODY DEEP MUSK MASSAGE】 6 Interchangeable massage heads & 3 Select different frequencies and amplitudes according to different needs. Adjustable speed level allowing you to reach every muscle part, every trigger point, back, neck, foot, leg, knot, hip, hip, arm. Instant relief and reduced recovery time (product includes exquisite storage box and bag).

【Max. 4.5 HOURS OF LONG OPERATION. High power 24V brushless motor, 2600mAh. Long-life rechargeable battery continuously for no more than 4.5 hours. The impact massager has an LED battery indicator, you can know the power consumption in real-time. When charging, the massage gun stops working, which is designed to ensure the safety of the client.

TECHN Noise Canceling Technology -50dB 】Operation noise can be effectively reduced by smooth sliding. The Handheld Deep Tissue Vibrating Massage Gun is equipped with new generation noise-canceling technology, so you can use our massager in your office or home without disturbing others.

【WITH COMFORTABLESILICON HANDLE tension Portable massager helps relieve tension and loosen sore, tense muscles, relax all of your muscle groups, relieve stress, and energize your entire body. Lightweight design weighs only one kilogram (2.2 lb).

【PERFECT VIP SPA GIFT FOR ALL FAMILY AND FRIENDS】 Vibration from BOUCK muscle massage can help the wearer to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. Great perfect gift for men, women, parents, and friends. Take a deep breath and let the massage gun massage become the VIP Home SPA!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate the massage gun?

Step 1: Select the massage head to connect the massage gun,

Insert the desired head into the hole in the black connector, press, and rotate at the same time until it can go in.

Step 2: Turn on the power switch which is at the bottom of the massager handle and then the LED indicator will light up.

Step 3: Press the speed button to activate the device.

Please note: Please make sure the massage head is closely connected with the massage gun before using it, do not let the head fall at maximum speed

Step 4. Disassemble the massage gun, pull the head, and rotate it at the same time until you pull it out.

How do specific sizes and related parts work?

Big round head for big muscles

Finger joint

head Flathead for the whole body

Anti-shock head for bones

Spine head For cervical spine

Small ball head for large muscles

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