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Hang Vine Wallpaper for a Warmer and Inviting Feel

Hang Vine Wallpaper for a Warmer and Inviting Feel

If you want a luxurious, warm, and inviting feel, then the addition of Wallpaper is a great option. The ambiance offered by vine wallpaper is incomparable. Red is such a versatile color and pairs excellently with so many other ones. It is hard to find a room in your home where you cannot use it!

Color psychology has taught us that rich colors can be interpreted in many ways. Red shades make you feel energized, powerful and bold. The deeper shades bring a different feel than a brighter shade would, so the choices are endless when you're looking to rejuvenate your living space with this rich color.

Professional have shared their top design tips for using red Wallpaper throughout your home, so if you're ready to overhaul and breathe fresh life into your living spaces.

For the Living Room

Red Wallpaper in the living room makes for a vibrant ambiance

The central point of the home, the living room and does not need a complete overhaul when looking to update your color scheme and incorporate red.


The elegance of red Wallpaper in a living room depends on the adaptability it offers. If your overall color scheme is neutral, introducing shades of red through a botanical glitter leaf design or this floral leaf motif provides you with an expanded color palette to work. You can choose to add a feature wall with accents in various shades and build out your color scheme from there.

For the Warmer Shades

Brick wallpaper is another great way to add warmer shades into your area. It looks particularly well on a single feature wall or you can also apply it throughout a room. It will offer a welcoming and rustic feel. The beauty of wallpaper depends on the ability to add multiple shades of red to enhance the look even further, whether through accessories or furniture.

For the Kitchen

Redbrick Wallpaper in the kitchen is a great way to upgrade your area. There is a reason that so many restaurants use shades of red. They look at the positive psychology qualities of red. This shade sparks appetite, and it attracts the attention of many people.

The Pairing of red with other cheerful colors can transform your kitchen entirely and ultimately make it a more memorable and enjoyable space.

Geometric Designs

This geometric design tile pattern wallpaper will modernize the kitchen area, whether you use it on a small piece of the wall or throughout the entire space. Make sure to look for vinyl finishes when wallpapering your kitchen to make for easier clean-ups in an intrinsically messy space.

For the Bedroom Area

Deeper red Wallpaper is perfect for the bedroom area. It also offers a romantic and relaxed ambiance that is perfect for the living area. This is also the ideal space to use deeper shades such as crimson and maroon.

These deeper red hues are more calming, while brighter colors bring an energetic feeling to the room. It is an ideal choice for a space that is intended for rest and relaxation.

Add Textures

You can easily add texture to your home with the help of vine wallpaper, and the bedroom is an ideal space for it. Velvet wallpaper in warm shades or even a flock wallpaper will make the space even more magical and can help to hide uneven surfaces on the wall.

When you're working with bold shades, it is essential not to overuse them while adding other colors. If your room already has a few colors, try using a muted shade of red on a feature wall to incorporate it. If a person actually wants to decorate their living space, there is nothing better than hanging a vine wallpaper in your space.

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