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Scope and Career Opportunities in Community Development

Scope and Career Opportunities in Community Development

The social work and community development field has an infinite scope and boasts many livelihood opportunities. Community development is essential because it creates robust and diverse communities that could attract and retain talent, start and grow companies, and overcome issues. Yet, while this profession is famed because of its significant and meaningful contributions to society, it isn’t generally associated with great pay relative to the accomplishments and history of its workforce. However, there is plenty of work in the community work profession that is equally fulfilling and can offer more than sufficient compensation.

A profession in community development contributes to employment in the educational area, public services and corporate places. Thus, many high paying jobs in the community development field are attracting interest from the youth. It’s a rewarding profession and can result in distinct roles like a community development specialist, chief executives, general and performance managers, advertising managers, program directors, public relations manager, public relations expert, training and development managers, and much more.

The overall employment rate of community development workers will grow by 15 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This employment growth rate is significantly higher than the growth of other occupations, the benefits of which will be enjoyed by the community development graduates and their employers.

But how much can community workers expect to earn? The average community development manager makes roughly $104,460 each year. That is $50.22 per hour! For example, those in the lower 10%, for example, entry-level positions, just make about $67,000 a year.

Meanwhile, those in the higher management have an average salary of $161,000.

Top 10 High Paying Jobs in Career Development

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

                   Average Salary: $93,400

Professor of Social Work

                    Average Salary: $84,919

Employee Assistance Program Counselor

                    Average Salary: $68,895

Veteran’s Affairs Social Worker

                   Average Salary: $69,454

Executive Director of a Non Profit Organization

                  Average Salary: $64,260

Social Science Researcher

                  Average Salary: $63,561

Director of Development of a NPO

                  Average Salary: $62,879

Housing & Community Development Director

                   Average Salary: $60,955

Policy Analyst

                   Average Salary: $68,199

Human Resources Coordinator/Specialist

                    Average Salary: $48,768

Degrees for individuals interested in Community development

There are various educational routes an individual can take to enter into the field of community development. Having a masters in community development can get an individual started with an entry level job within community development.

Top degrees for individuals interested in community development are:

  •  Master’s in Community Development
  •  Master’s of public planning
  •  Master’s in Urban Planning
  •  Master’s in economic development

All these programs will equip you with the necessary skills to facilitate sustainable community development.

Top institutes which provide an online community development masters program

1. Community Development masters program at Future Generations Universities

2. Community Development BA (Hons) at University of Glasgow

3. Bachelor’s of Community Development at Victoria University

4. Bachelor’s of Community Development at Portland State University

5. Master’s in Community Development and Planning at Peabody University

6. Online Master of Arts in International Community Development Northwest University

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