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Things You Need to Know About Z Library

Things You Need to Know About Z Library

We all know that books have always been a great source of learning. Earlier we used to carry heavy paperback books in our bags but this is no longer the case, these days, e-books are in trend. These are the books that we can download from z library on our mobile phones or computer in various formats like PDF, EPUB, RTF, etc. eBooks are becoming more popular because they are easy to carry and do not occupy extra space or add more weight to our bags.

Additionally, just like we purchase normal books, we also have to pay the same charges for its e-version due to which many people are reluctant to buy them as there is no printing or paper cost. However, we can easily download books for free from Z-library which, at present, is the largest library of e-books.

What is Z Library?

It is a website from where you can easily download eBooks and articles for free. The website provides you with books from different categories like fiction, sci-fi, academics, arts, and much more. You can even browse through the “Most Popular” section of the library website that contains the books that have the maximum number of downloads. Also, in the “Recently Added” category, you will find the books that are newly released or recently added to the website.

Also, the user can download a maximum of five books in a day from the z library website. However, the maximum downloading limit can be extended to unlimited downloads by signing up and making your user account on the website.

Moreover, the book you want to download may be available in different unusual formats, then you can change that format to your preferred one but only after signing up on the website.

Features of Z Library

Following is some of the features of the Z-library website:

  • Collection of over 7.7 million books and 80.7 million articles.
  • All the books and articles present on the website are available for free download.
  • Books and articles are easy to find by typing their name and author name in the search bar and selecting the most suitable option from the suggestions.
  • 30+ categories to download books
  • No limits to maximum download in a day on sign up.
  • Books are present in a number of formats and can be converted to other formats as well.

Steps to Sign up on Z Library

Making an account on Z-library is a very easy process and you just require an email ID for doing so. Following are the steps that you need to follow to sign-up on Z library:

  1. First, you have to visit the Z library website.
  2. There, you have to select the Sign in/up option.
  3. A sign-in form will appear, at the bottom right corner of you, click on the ‘Registration link.
  4. On the next page, the Registration form will appear where you have to enter your email address and set the password. In the third text field, enter your name or create a nickname.
  5. Click on the Registration button to end the process.

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