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Things That You Must Know to Avoid Amazon FBA Seller Account Suspension

Things That You Must Know to Avoid Amazon FBA Seller Account Suspension

It is over the top about furnishing its customers with the most ideal shopping experience and consequently, the sellers should do all that they could to keep the customers cheerful.

In the event that a client is discontent with you, it implies Amazon is discontent with you; basic as that. Yet, there are certain scenarios that could drive Amazon to suspend your seller account; and not on the grounds that you made a client despondent! One day you sign into your Amazon account only to discover that Amazon has suspended your account. Why? All things considered, there are numerous reasons for it. Account suspension implies that every one of your assets are held hostage and you can presently don't sell on Amazon.

Poor Seller Performance

For Amazon, customers start things out, and they have made a platform that guarantees maintaining the trust of millions of customers. For accomplishing this, Amazon has established performance standards for every one of its dealers and implements these standards vivaciously. The performance tarts depend on the late shipment rate, pre-fulfillment drop rate, order defect rate, and wonderful order rate. This is the place where the dealers run into inconvenience. The organization views consumer loyalty appropriately and on the off chance that it is compromised, you can anticipate a prompt reaction from them.

Seller Policy Violations

At the point when you are setting up your Amazon Seller Account, you are consenting to the policies and agreements set up by the company. In a perfect world, when you effectively sign in to your Amazon account, it is assumed that you have perused and seen every one of its policies. Yet, where it gets complicated is that Amazon tends to change its policies and regulations as it develops.

The constant arrangement updates can go unseen and you may recognize the cold hard reality for it. Consequently, it is very essential for you as an Amazon seller that you keep yourself refreshed with the policies. Violating the policies can prompt account suspension. The most ideal way to keep away from this is to audit the product information to guarantee it obeys Amazon's most recent policies.

Selling Restricted Products

As a seller, you can't sell everything on Amazon. Certain categories are prohibited while some require pre-approval. In addition, Amazon can likewise deny the product types that fall under 'permitted category.'

The restrictions are put to guarantee that the products/category meet Amazon's morals, ideals, and superlative quality for product inventory and information.

Before you sell on Amazon, you ought to know about the products or categories that are banned or restricted to be sold on Amazon. If it's not too much trouble, note that since you don't perceive any reason why any product ought to be restricted or another seller selling the product doesn't imply that you can sell it on Amazon also.

The policies of Amazon are not generally logical or obvious, however trickier as they are continually changing. Today you are selling many approved products, and tomorrow, one of your products could be restricted from being sold. This could prompt a boycott or account suspension.

Abnormal Account Performances

At the point when you are new to Amazon, the initial three months of your Amazon store are exceptionally crucial. It is the period when the majority of the sellers are spending time promoting their products. All things considered, notwithstanding every one of the endeavors, the conversion and flow rate are comparatively low. Also, during this period, if your sales are soaring and your products are selling indiscriminately, it can raise a caution expressing that you are utilizing exploitative approaches to sell products on Amazon.

On the off chance that this occurs, Amazon can send your warnings. Henceforth, it is significant that for a few months, you should manage your sales in a controlled manner so your growth can be gradual.

On the other hand, a progression of unanswered questions, deferred answer, and fluctuation in sales can likewise raise an alert and your vendor record will be presented to getting investigated or even suspended.

Use of Underhand Methods to get Reviews

Rehearsing legal ways to get Amazon reviews will save you from getting your seller account suspended. On the off chance that you are an Amazon seller, there is one thing that you can't move away from – the Rules! Amazon has made rules to make things more pleasant for everyone. All things considered, we realize that it very well may be limiting yet these rules reveal to you how you should present and sell your products on Amazon.

You ought to comprehend that baiting the customers to review your products emphatically to get great ratings for increasing your sales is a negative approach and once Amazon discovers, your selling days on Amazon will be finished. Parting with free stuff, unnecessary discounts, and more are not a decent method to increase your sales and draw in better customer reviews. Legality is everything and you should play by it. On the off chance that you take on obscure means, Amazon can boot you from the site.

Obtaining UPC Code through Informal Channels

As you will sell physical products online, each product you sell ought to have a unique Universal Product Code (UPC). These codes are essential as it assists Amazon with distinguishing the products and convey information to the retailers and distributors.

Utilizing casual channels or an automatic generator fix to acquire Amazon UPC Code for your products can put your Amazon seller account at a more serious danger of being suspended or banned. There are chances that different vendors and sellers may grumble about your UPC. When Amazon knows what you did, it can prompt suspension or limitation of your seller account.

In this way, as a seller, you are advised to purchase UPC from ordinary channels like GS1

Lack of Relevant Product Certification

There are certain products that require certification by an affirmed body to be sold on Amazon. Products like clinical equipment, individual consideration products, protective equipment, toys, machinery, and so on require security certification. Certification is an approach to safeguard yourself and your business in the event that on the off chance that somebody tends to report that you are selling fake products. You can show the certification to Amazon if such a scenario occurs. On the off chance that in the event that you don't have the confirmation or any certification that the item you are selling is legitimate, then, at that point Amazon may suspend or boycott your account.

Prior to posting pictures of the products in your shop, Amazon will request that you give the certification that expresses your item is 100% authentic. Inability to which, you hazard your Amazon account getting a warning or being suspended.


Suspensions are exceptionally uncommon, however it occurs. When your Amazon seller account is suspended, you will think that it's troublesome and extravagant to recover from it as the entirety of your assets will be held hostage. Nonetheless, Amazon will ultimately end your suspension yet at that point, your business will be squashed, and you should begin all along. On the other hand, on the off chance that you are suspended, there is a possibility that you will get back on Amazon yet assuming you are banned, the probability of you working together on Amazon is extremely less.

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