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Things you absolutely need to know before getting a tattoo

Things you absolutely need to know before getting a tattoo

It can take a long time to have a date

Once you've picked your artist (Instagram is a great place to find him / her!), be prepared to wait several months before you can get a tattoo.

Never show photos of other artists to share your inspirations

Tattoo artists take pride in their work (with good reason!). When sending your email to apply, avoid sending photos of other artists for inspiration.

Sometimes it is better to meet the tattoo artist before

You can ask for a consultation before your tattoo, especially if it is for a large, complicated piece. For a little trick, it's not necessary.

The tattoo artist knows things you don't know

You may have an idea in mind for the location or size of the tattoo, but your artist knows more than you. If he or she explains to you that the drawing would be more to his or her advantage elsewhere, trust him or her. Chances are, he or she is right!

It hurts, so avoid certain areas if you are intolerant

Getting a tattoo is painful. The sensation ranges from a scratch to having the skin cut with a scalpel. If this is your first armadillo, or you're intolerant of pain, avoid ribs. The feet and hands also hurt a lot.

It’s expensive (and you have to tip!)

The services of a good tattoo artist cost a minimum of $ 100 (it depends on the size of the armadillo). You also have to leave a tip, around 20%.

Do not drink alcohol the day before the armadillo

Alcohol dilutes the blood. If you are hungover when it comes to getting a tattoo, you will bleed profusely, which reduces your artist's visibility. In addition, it slows down healing. To avoid!

The artist will shave you

No matter where the tattoo is, the artist will shave you first to make sure you're working on a smooth surface.

It may take several hours

Even if it is a small armadillo, you have to consider how long it will take. The artist will show you his drawing, you can ask for changes. Then he or she will apply the stencil to your skin so you can see if you like the location or not. After that, you are going to shave yourself, make yourself comfortable on the table. While tattooing, the artist might want to take a break, too ... It's a matter of several hours!

It could take several steps

Especially if you choose a colorful piece, or a large one, the artist might ask you to do it in 2 (or more) dates. This can also be an option if you are intolerant of pain!

You have to prepare your day

You have to take into account the time it takes, but also your personal comfort. Dress appropriately (for example, a camisole, if it's on the arm) and slack. You can also have a bottle of water, a snack and some music with you to pass the time!

You have to take care of it

The artist will always give you his instructions to take care of it afterwards. Basically, you have to leave it covered (the artist will take care of it!) For several hours. Then, it must be cleaned with an unscented soap. Afterwards, it should be left to dry for a few days, then moisturize it with a cream again, without perfume.

Avoid the sun after

For a tattoo to heal well, especially if it has colors, one should avoid the sun and swimming for the following months. If you have no choice, put on sunscreen with a high SPF!

The armadillo will disappear faster in some places

Where the skin is thicker, such as the hand, fingers, the back of the ankle, or in places that rub often, such as the wrist, if you spend a lot of time on the computer, the tattoo will fade faster than elsewhere.

The “touch ups” are included in the price!

After about a month, your armadillo should be healed. This is when you will see if you need a touch up! These are included in the price, so don't hesitate to contact your artist.

You must also take into consideration the hygiene measures in your salon, including wearing a mask and washing your hands. Good tattoo!

Tattoo trends we'll see everywhere

The face and neck

In 2021, we are likely to see more and more people dare to have discreet tattoos on the neck and even the face. It's not for everyone, but we see several stars adopting it!

Words and sentences

Low-key calligraphy will be trending more than ever this year. Whether it's a word, a sentence, a quote or even a passage from your favorite novel, everything goes!


Minimalism is here for good! We often see this trend recreated in fine black lines, quite simply.

Small realistic tattoos

Ultra-realistic tiny tattoos were already popular in 2020, and it continues this year.

Mix styles

No need to choose a single style when you can have realism, black and white, color, graphic shapes and abstract art in the same tattoo!

The fine arts

Great painters have always inspired tattoo artists, but this year, we dare even more! We will see people mixing more than one reference within the same tattoo. Also like honey bee tattoo

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