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Luxury Rigid Boxes and Their Types

Luxury Rigid Boxes and Their Types

Rigid Boxes are luxury and sturdy boxes which are commonly used for expensive, delicate and branded items. High-end luxury brands often use rigid boxes. They are consist of a thick base box (often 2, 3mm) usually 3 to 4 times thicker than an ordinary folding carton which is wrapped in special decorative paper. A rigid box doesn’t change its shape. It provides nice protection to the products.

These boxes are fully customizable; you can print everything which you imagine for your branded packaging. This is the packaging which gives you freedom to create your imaginary packaging. You can be creative with your rigid boxes on the outside and inside. They will be decorated with accessories.

Rigid boxes also called as Set-up boxes, gift boxes and premium packaging.

  • Rigid boxes commonly used for:
  • Jewelry Items
  • Cosmetics
  • Perfumes
  • Cardboard Games
  • Gifts
  • High-end Electronic Products
  • High-end Food Products
  • Advantages of Rigid boxes:

So, there are so many benefits of rigid boxes.

The durability of these boxes is longer because they are stable and strong.

These boxes are attractive and luxurious in appearance, so they get attention immediately and boost the presentation of the product.

If the company sells their products online, rigid boxes are the safest to send up the parcels at the right time.

You can have the brand logo printed on these boxes.

You can order these boxes in any shape and size from rushcustomboxes.com It helps in promoting the brand.

Rigid boxes are lightweight. They are easy to handle and transport from one place to another.

They cost less than many other packaging.

Rigid boxes are eco-friendly that’s why customers don’t need to throw them out. They are recyclables, consumer can reuse them. For example, people reuse them to save their jewelry items or something else.

Rigid Box Designs

There are so many varieties in rigid boxes. It’s all about your imagination. For example, you want a rectangular, square, round, v-shaped box, even you may want it to be magnetic box, foldable or drawers it’s all up to you. Rigid boxes give you so many options:

Telescope Rigid Box

Telescope rigid boxes also known as lid and bottom. The lid is coming off from the base vertically. The box is made with specific computation; therefore the base can slowly get out from into the lid. The size of the telescopic box is also customizable according to the size of the product. There are two types of telescope rigid box: the first one is partial telescope rigid box and the second is full telescope rigid box.

Partial Telescope

In partial telescope (partially covered rigid box) as the name suggests, the lid only partially covers the base.

Full Telescope

In full telescope (fully covered rigid box) the lid covers the entire base of the box.

Drawer Style Rigid Box

Drawer style rigid box as the name suggests, it is something about pulling a small drawer box or tray from the sleeve or shell (lid). The product will remain safe inside the drawer. This is the kind of very secure rigid box. It could be vertically and horizontally in style, whatever you want. These boxes are very easy to open and close.

Drawer style rigid boxes are also called sleeve & tray, slip-case, shell & slide and match rigid boxes. Furthermore, the pulls are available in different ways. For example, the pull could be made of ribbons. Ribbons are available in different colors. It is the most common way to pull the box. The second one is rope pull. If you don't like the ribbons and rope pull, you can have a thumb notch cut on the cardboard, it is also a good option. Sometimes you don’t need any extra pull to open the box; you can just pull out from the other side of the drawer.

Hinged Rigid Box

Hinged rigid boxes are those which are hinged together, lid are attached with base permanently. These boxes are good for products which are used frequently and secure in between uses.

Hinged rigid boxes have varieties of styles.

Flip top/cigar box is used for almost anything. Book style rigid box is also the type of hinged box. It opens like a hardcover book. When closing this box, it looks like a hardcover book. Magnetic attachment can also fit in this.

Magnetic Closure Rigid Box

Magnetic closure rigid box gives your product a very fancy and classy look it feels expensive. There are two magnates which are fixed on the box, help to close/shut the box. The magnet is not visible on the final product because it is hidden in the wall of chipboard.

Expensive jewelry needs luxurious packaging, so magnetic boxes fit well for it. Magnetic boxes are also a good option for gifts because they look really attractive in appearance.

Additional Inserts in Rigid Box

Additional inserts are used in boxes to fix your products tightly without movement. Inserts which are commonly used in rigid boxes are:

Foam inserts: They are coated with velvet to look more luxurious.

Plastic inserts: Look and feel expensive.

Paperboard insert: They are more eco-friendly than other inserts.

Cost of Production

Rigid boxes are expensive as compared to folding cartons and corrugated packaging. When you insert additional material, you will pay more cost. When you order these boxes they cost higher than other folding packaging because they don’t change their shape, are bulkier and get more space.

But there are many reasons to justify ordering rigid boxes for your products. For example, you get more profit margins with an expensive product, like a diamond ring that requires a luxurious packaging.

Sometimes you need to showing off your products to some important buyers. At that time you need the packaging, which can get attention immediately, so rigid boxes are helpful in that case too.

To compete with the other brands, you need a luxurious packaging where rigid boxes fit perfectly.

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