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Most Romantic Restaurants in Dubai 2022

Most Romantic Restaurants in Dubai 2022

Gifts, words of love, memorable getaways - nothing beats a romantic supper for just the two of you on Valentine's Day. Flowers and candles have long been associated with Valentine's Day, and now excellent cuisine has joined the list. Given the variety of alternatives available, a romantic supper in Dubai may seem to be a piece of cake, and we understand your uncertainty. As a result, we've compiled a list of the top Romantic restaurants in Dubai, in no particular order, to make your Day supper particularly memorable.


Pierchic is, without a doubt, one of Dubai's most romantic restaurants. The high-end Mediterranean seafood restaurant is stretched on a pier that juts out into the water a few meters and is linked to the mainland by a bridge. The hotel is bordered on all sides by the sea and has a spectacular view of the Burj Al Arab. The restaurant is available for lunch and supper, but dinner is a great way to make your Valentine's Day more memorable.

After the sun sets, the restaurant and the adjacent bridge are illuminated by golden lighting, creating a stunning scene. The soothing sound of the sea washing over the pier's pillars is something you and your loved one will appreciate at the Pierchic. Contact an independent model agency to have some pleasure with their pretty girls.


Say welcome to the tallest restaurant on the planet. At.mosphere is located on the 123rd story of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest structure. To eat at At.mosphere, you must make a reservation and pay a charge. The view from the restaurant is truly breathtaking, particularly after sunset, when you can see the whole city of Dubai shimmering underneath you, lighted up by brilliant lights.

At.mosphere offers excellent steaks and delectable sweets. Take your loved one to At.mosphere for a beautiful view and delicious meals on Valentine's Day. Though the location is pricy, you will see that it is well worth the money once you arrive.

Dubai Dhow Cruise

Each table has its waiter and a spectacular view of the Burj and Dubai. Over quiet candlelight and the companionship of only each other, enjoy champagne and wine for each dinner dish.

Sea Fu

On your Valentine's Day, enjoy a fantastic private beach stretch, a gorgeous sunset, and delectable meals. Sea Fu can help you celebrate your big day with unique drinks and other fun activities.

The cuisine is an unusual combination of Asian and Mediterranean flavors that creates a lasting impact on your palate. Sea Fu even has a real opera singer to up the romance factor! Contact an independent model agency to have some with their beautiful girls.

Thai Pai

Pai Thai is a must-visit destination when it comes to goals. The outside wooden deck dining at the Al Qasr hotel's canals is ideal for taking in the tranquil scenery. The magnificent Thai food enhances your experience since the menu is one of Dubai's most artistically organized and has difficult items to obtain elsewhere.

Don't miss out on the squid money bags and deep-fried prawns at Pai Thai. If you're having trouble deciding on the main meal, go with the chicken and mixed veg wok-fried glass noodles with crispy duck with plum sauce; you won't be disappointed.


The greatest is saved for last on this list! At Ossiano, customers have been guided down a flight of steps to a dining room surrounded by massive aquariums filled with magnificent fish and marine life. The stunning surroundings and delectable cuisine vie for your attention. Bands and vocalists often play live at this venue. Ossiano is both romantic and enjoyable.

It delivers delicious European-style seafood and promises a beautiful Valentine's Day outing. Make your date night more special with bunny models.


Taking your sweetheart to Eauzone may well be the right way to amaze her and make your evening a success, with a lazy sea beyond and the lovely floating 'Majlis.' The first thing you notice at Eauzone is the attractive darkened timber interior, which is unique in its own right. As night falls, the shadowy beauty of the clever lighting transforms the space.

If your sweetheart is a chocolate fan, Eauzone, which serves modern food with an Asian touch, will be a hit. Yes, Eauzone has some incredibly rich and delicious double chocolate tarts and white chocolate sorbet with caramel chocolate sauce.

We've picked up some of the top date night spots, whether you're looking for a relaxing seaside setting, spectacular fountain views, or an excellent Italian restaurant for your Lady and the Tramp moment. You may contact bunny models to have some fun.

How about a floating restaurant for your Valentine's Day dinner? If this dining concept appeals to you, Dhow Cruise Dubai is the place to go. This fantastic floating restaurant stands out among the line of boats on the Dubai Creek, with beautiful furnishings and one of the most excellent selections of world cuisines, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

The staff is kind and helpful, and it makes you feel like you're in a 5-star hotel at times. Treat your sweetie to an excellent supper on your special day to create the best impression.

The Shore

Give your loved one a once-in-a-lifetime experience at The Shore. The restaurant is situated on the beautiful Al Qasr beach in Madinat Jumeirah. Enjoy a four-course lunch accompanied by champagne over the relaxing sounds of the waves lapping at the coast.

The Shore offers breathtaking views of the Burj Al Arab, Palm Island, and the Jumeirah shoreline.

Beach Bar on Maui

At the Maui Beach Bar, dine in secluded cabanas on the Dubai Marina with just nature for company. With champagne and candlelight, savor a three-course meal. Take a stroll on the beach with your special someone in the middle of your lunch, or enjoy the delectable cuisine at your table. Finish your evening with a delicious rose bonbon designed just for you, the love birds.

Anantara Dubai's Beach House

This list is becoming increasingly romantic! Dine on the Beach with your little beach area! Enjoy delectable fresh seafood coupled with champagne, as well as personalized service from your waiter. Enjoy a candlelight Valentine's meal with your partner and fall in love all over again.

Majlis Al Bahar

Give your lover a gift that will delight all of their senses. The Majlis Al Bahar is a one-of-a-kind restaurant located against the world's most opulent 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. If you act quickly, you may be able to reserve a particular table directly on the Beach, with the most basic but unique arrangement.

With views of the majestic Burj Al Arab and the glistening water, Majlis Al Bahar is guaranteed to amaze your love. To round up your ideal evening, indulge in delectable fruity concoctions, exquisite appetizers, an excellent main meal, and a suitable dessert at the finish.

42nd Floor Private Terrace

Private Terrace's seating and service are one-of-a-kinds, and the setting is reminiscent of a theatre where a romantic scenario is about to unfold. There are just four tables for two on the Shangri-La Hotel's 42nd-floor terrace. 

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