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Amazing tips for microwave you should know.

Amazing tips for microwave you should know.

Pay attention to the features of the micro, its sound, and the ease of cleaning.

Is the control panel clear and easy to read?

How easy is it to put a container in the microwave and take it out of there?

Check at the store for the sound of the microphone when it is in operation.

What is the cessation signal?

Some models have accessories, such as a baby bottle holder.

If you can stop the rotation of the base, you can melt or make an elongated product in the microwave or use a different type of container.

Shortcuts and automatic programs

If you select a microwave oven with automatic programs, Learn how to use them using the instruction manual. The micro may have shortcuts or the ability to save powers and times as shortcuts.

Automated programs are good when they work properly. However, automatic programs are not always the best choice when using microwaves. In addition, you often need to adjust the time, power, or temperature if you want a good result. Self-adjustments are often the best solution.

Automatic functions

Automatic functions include Quick Start, quick defrost, and steaming, which can be used to prepare roots, vegetables, fish, and other low-temperature foods.

On some models, you can schedule a start to start later, and the timer may also have an egg timer.

Automated programs

Automatic programs work with automatic printing or steam detection.

In automatic weighing, the type of food is selected and the weight of the portion is indicated. The oven calculates the appropriate power and time.

In programs with steam detection, the program according to the type of food is selected. The oven determines the power and time based on the steam and moisture that evaporates from the food.


A separate start switch increases safety. The microwave oven can start empty if it starts automatically after the door closes and the timer has not been used. An empty microwave oven can break and, in the worst case, cause a fire.

Use the micro as instructed

Be sure to read the operating instructions carefully before using the micro. Use the micro as instructed and be sure to keep the micro clean.

The taste and nutrients of the food are well preserved by the micro when cooking. Microwaves are not stored in food and do not cause chemical changes in the product. Microwaves cause the water molecules in the food to vibrate, causing the friction caused by the movement to heat the food.

You only need to use a little fluid and fat. The micro cooks quickly, so watch the food cook. After cooking, there is still post-cooking, which is good to take into account when estimating time. Stir the food if necessary during cooking to get a more even result. Allow the heated liquid to stand in the microwave for a while before removing it, as the liquid may still boil afterward and may cause burns.

Heating time

Microwave power and the amount of food affect the heating time. With less power, you get a smoother end result.

Different powers are required for heating, cooking, defrosting, and stewing. Times of less than a minute should also be easily adjustable.

Time adjustment is most accurate if the microphone has an electronic clock. Always remember to reset the mechanical clock time selection to avoid accidentally turning the oven on empty.


Cooking food in the microwave is fast, economical, and safe. However, large portions should be cooked in a regular oven.

Cooking is affected by the shape, size, temperature, and structure of the portion. The problem with microwaves is often that they do not heat evenly, but there may be hot spots or cold spots in the food. When heating, use a lid to improve heat evenness. However, there must always be an opening in the lid to allow steam to escape.

It is advisable to allow the heat to equilibrate for a while after heating. When heating a baby food jar or bottle, stir and shake the contents after heating and then check that the food or drink is not too hot for the baby.

The result of cooking in a basic microwave oven is reminiscent of the result of cooking. Micro cooking is well suited for aqueous foods. Food can only be browned with grill or combination microwaves.

Find out how good it is to cook different foods in the microwave, as cooking may differ from the usual way. Never put a whole chicken egg in the microwave or heat the liquid in a sealed container as it may explode.

Likewise, if the food has a crust, such as sausage, prick several holes in it with a fork before cooking. Make sure the meat is fully cooked and hot on all sides so that the microbes in the meat are destroyed.


If you freeze a lot of ingredients or ready-made food, the micro is good for defrosting and heating them. For example, it is a good idea to digest berries as quickly as possible so that vitamin C is destroyed as little as possible and the structure of the berries remains good.

When food is digested in the microwave and not on the table, the short defrosting time prevents bacteria from forming in the food.

Microwave - safe utensils

Containers suitable for a microwave oven must be microwave-permeable and must not absorb moisture or grease. Such materials include heat-resistant glass, ceramic containers, many plastics, and paper.

Check if the container can be used in the microwave. In this case, the container has a micro-safe mark or the text “microwave safe”.

Microwaves do not heat the container, but the food conducts heat to the container. A round container is best for heating because the food in it heats up more evenly than in other shapes. Microwaves can also have a technology that allows food to be heated as evenly in other types of dishes as in round ones.

Dishes not suitable for microwaves

Note that not all plastic containers are suitable for microwaves. Check if the container can be used in the microwave. In this case, the container has a micro-safe mark or the text “microwave safe”.

Metal containers or aluminum foil and pans are generally not suitable for microwave ovens. Metal models can be used on some models, but it should always be checked in the oven manual.

Also note that the container must not have decorations made of metallic colors, such as a gold rim.


The microwave is safe to use when it is clean and intact. It is important that the oven and especially the door and its edges are kept clean and free of dents. It is important to keep the oven door, its surroundings, and seals clean so that the door closes tightly.

Use a hood or the lid of a micro-dish to prevent food from splashing and grease vapor from entering the oven structures. However, when using the grill resistor, the food cannot be covered.

If there is dirt on the walls, the power of the oven will suffer. Dirt on the door and seals may cause leakage radiation.

Clean the inside of the microwave and the edges of the door often enough with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Disconnect the cord from the wall for cleaning. Cleaning the base microphone is easy because the dirt does not burn. Do not use abrasive or scratching agents or tools.

Keeping the combination oven clean is more difficult because of dirt sticks to hot surfaces. Wash the glass plate by hand or in the dishwasher. Also, remember to remove the grease that has accumulated under the glass plate. If grease remains in the oven, it may overheat and start smoking the next time you use it.

Also, vacuum dust and crumbs from the ventilation ducts. When wiping the outer casing, make sure that no water gets inside the machine through the openings in the casing. If the microwave has an unpleasant odor, put water and lemon slices or a few drops of lemon juice in a glass and heat for about 5 minutes.


Take care of your safety

A separate start switch increases safety. The microwave oven can start empty if it starts automatically after the door closes and the timer has not been used. An empty microwave oven can break and, in the worst case, cause a fire.

Metal containers can cause sparks and fire in the oven. Never use the microwave unattended. If the oven has a child lock, the oven will not start unless the door is opened before the time and power are selected.

Do not use the microwave to dry vegetables. There is a risk of the product catching fire. Excessive heating or cooking time can burn food on the crust or the food may catch fire.

A broken micro is dangerous

The microwave oven must not be used if the door is bent, the hinges and locking latches are broken or loose. The door seals or sealing surfaces must also not be damaged. A broken oven must not be used until the fault has been rectified by a qualified repairer.

If you suspect microwave leakage radiation, you can have the appliance measured by a home appliance service center.

In case of fire

If the micro catches fire, turn off the device and unplug the power cord. Keep the micro door closed and, if possible, throw a fire blanket or rug on top of the device.

Electricity consumption

With the micro, you cook quickly and energy-efficiently. With a microwave, the cook saves quite a bit of electricity compared to using a regular oven. Especially small portions should be thawed, heated, and cooked in the microwave. Use a lid as it speeds up ripening and improves heat distribution. Note that there must always be an opening in the cover to allow steam to escape.

Note, however, that microphones also consume electricity in standby mode. It is advisable to unplug the microwave power cord during your stay.

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