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Best Self Defense Keychain For Regular Use

Best Self Defense Keychain For Regular Use

One of the biggest issues that people face in ensuring their safety is the tools they have at their expense. The need to protect oneself if natural and anything to help that is essential. But the reason many of us have to rely completely on law enforcement is the lack of convenient tools. Everyone is not equipped to handle technical things like guns and they aren’t always safe either. If you keep a self-defense tool for yourself, it shouldn’t be an added burden for you. That’s why you can also explore a smaller but functional tool as a more viable option.

You can go for a self defense keychain instead of investing in more high maintenance things. A self defense keychain would entail all kinds of objects you can use to keep you safe from attack. You might find yourself in situations where you have to fend for yourself. Rather than wrestling with the idea of complicated weaponry, something more user friendly is workable. A self defense keychain is a broad term for all kinds of objects that can be used for personal defense. Although, instead of clunky, hefty objects, they are small and nifty and fit on a keychain.

Types of Keychain Self Defense Objects You Can Get

If you are also a believer in using less lethal but helpful tools for personal defense, get on board. There are indeed multiple options that are far less lethal and quite effective. A self defense keychain tool can vary in function and efficacy, considering what you prefer.

Brass knuckle keychain

If you think about countering someone out of the blue, you don’t need anything technical. It’s better to train yourself to utilize your reflexes and strength. A brass knuckle keychain would be an ideal tool for that kind of confrontation.

By design, a knuckle weapon presents good grip and solid impact and blow. If you get tackled by someone, a brass knuckle would knock them out without permanent damage.

Keychain self-defense spray

One of the most famous types of self-defense weapons are pepper sprays. They are cans of pepper oil meant to temporarily blind an assailant. You can find multiple keychain versions of this spray to hang with your keys, purse or pocket. It is portable, potent, and highly effective for contact-less self-defense.

Safety cat keychain

When you think about self-defense weapons, a primary concern is discretion. Since you can’t carry weapons in many public places, how do you protect yourself? You get a self-defense cat keychain to carry with you everywhere. It is a thin, pointy wearable blade, shaped like cat ears. The ears are meant to be the weapon, but they are shaped cutely to avoid detection. It is fairly easy to pass this keychain off as a novelty or jewellery.

Tips To Use A Kitty Self Defense Keychain To Your Advantage

Perhaps one of the best weapons out of keychain variety is a cat defense keychain. It is easy to pass off as a collectible object but can be incredibly viable as well. For women especially, it can be a challenge to carry big weapons wherever they go. A cat keychain easily flies under the radar and is useful for deterring harassers, assailants, and robbers. You can keep a few things in mind that would let you work these keychains better in troubled situations.

  1. If you get a cat keychain, it’s better to go for a metal version that fits well in your hand. You should text it to see that it doesn’t get stuck and is easy to slip on when you need it.
  2. When you are walking anywhere alone, always keep the keychain out and ready. It’s better to stick the ears out in front of you so you can counterattack if something happens.
  3. The ideal motion for swinging a cat keychain is index and middle finger gripping tightly. You want to throw your weight behind your clenched fist and punch forward.
  4. If you get tackled from behind, try to punch the attacker with the cat knuckle on open flesh. The pointed ears work best on soft skin so that would be better.
  5. When travelling in a cab or a train, if you catch someone trying to hurt you, attack from behind. You can jam the cat keychain into their ear, stick it against their neck or slash their face.
  6. Always make sure you are wearing the kitty self-defense ring in your dominant hand when you’re out.

Where To Buy The Best Self Defense Keychain In The USA?

Luckily, the United States is one such country that’s blessed with a good law enforcement system. But it’s also well-equipped with resources that civilians can use to keep themselves safe. So you will find multiple options when it comes to self-defense. It is also quite easy to find the likes of kitty self-defense keychains in your area.

But no matter where you are in the country, the best source is online stores. You can look for impressive defense keychains in your local markets. You might be able to find some pieces that can act as self-defense knuckles. The slight difference between a decorative piece and this keychain is the utility. So if you can’t find the exact form you need, search online stores for more options.

Wherever you might be, you should have access to safety tools and that’s what PA Knives will give you. It is a reputable online wholesale brand that carries the best self-defense keychains. If you want to find a reasonably priced tool that can double as a weapon, this is where you get it. You will find an abundant variety of clever self-defense keychain tools for sale.

If you are looking for something that’s easy to disguise, you can also get hidden blades. They are sharp and compact so they fit in pockets, purses, and car glove compartments. If you are looking for something more creative, the kitty self defense keychain is the best option for you. At PA Knives you will find these variations at a much more affordable price. And wherever you might be, you can get them delivered to you in no time.

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