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Debunking the Myths Clouding Male Infertility

Debunking the Myths Clouding Male Infertility

Myths Clouding Male Infertility

If you are planning to expand your family, but it is taking a lot of time, then there are chances that you or your partner might be having a condition of infertility.

With changing lifestyles and delays in planning a family, many couples are facing issues in conceiving a baby.

While many social conventions blames women for not being able to conceive, many do not know it is not always up to women alone. Men can face infertility issues as well. There are many misconceptions about male infertility due to lack of knowledge and ignorance in people.

Let's discuss different rumors and conclude whether they are true or not.

Myth 1: infertility can only happen to women

When women are unable to conceive, they usually get themselves tested by a gynaecologist. However, men do not get themselves examined due to the misconception that they cannot suffer from this condition. It is therefore commonly believed that only women have to undergo treatment when a couple is unable to conceive.

This is not true and male infertility is as common as female infertility. According to a research, out of 50 percent couples, 20 percent were the case of male infertility and 30 percent have both couples contributing to infertility.

Myth 2: Infertility doesn't cause any health issues

Male infertility if untreated can cause various health issues in men such as they are more prone to cancer and cardiovascular diseases. When it comes to infertility, due to social stigma men avoid getting themselves examined.

Addressing this issue openly and non-judgmentally can allow a men to comfortably speak about it and accept the condition which ensures that they get themselves examined and avoid any unnecessary health issues in future.

Myth 3: Infertility and impotency mean the same thing

People can get confused between these two terms- impotence and infertility. However, these are two entirely different conditions. Infertility means unable to reproduce, whereas, impotency refers to the inability to achieve an erection.

Myth 4: Checking sperm count can correctly diagnose infertility

This is not true. Checking sperm count isn't the correct way to diagnose infertility in men. To do so, a specialist accesses the quality of sperm through a microscope. This male infertility test isn't costly or painful at all.

Myth 5: In order to conceive a baby, only a woman should take care of her health

This is not true. There are several ways that men can also hamper their sperm quality and count. If a man smokes regularly, is an alcoholic, suffers from sexually transmitted diseases and misuse of steroids, it can delay the process of conceiving as well.

Getting rid of the above-mentioned habits reduces the exposure and helps in producing healthy sperms.

A man should start taking serious care of his health at least three months before trying to conceive a baby.

Eating healthy food and exercising regularly can definitely get you back in shape.

Myth 6: Men are fertile throughout their life, whereas the age for conceiving in women is restricted

Men have the ability to produce sperm until the age of 70 and sometimes even after that.

However, fertility and sperm quality is definitely impacted by age in men. By the time a man is 45 years old, his fertility decreases.

Low sperm count and decreased sperm movement are common in men with age.

The bottom line

Men and women can both go through infertility. If you are trying to conceive a baby from a year but are unable to, consider fertility counselling. A health practitioner will be able to give you a solution to handle this situation.

Male infertility is surrounded with many misconceptions and social stigma that makes accepting and spreading awareness about this condition very difficult.

Amisha Lohan

Amisha Lohan

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