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Is A Synthetic Rubber Profile Right For You?

Is A Synthetic Rubber Profile Right For You?

Synthetic Rubber Profile is classified as elastic polymer from which rubber is acquired and manufactured on the basis of petrochemical raw material. It is generally used with natural rubber as a single polymer or in mixture and is significantly produced synthetically by polymerization.

It is mainly used as the main constituent of the tires used on automobiles, airplanes, & bicycles. It finds a wide application range in n various end use industries for example –

• Footwear

• Industrial

• Construction

• Automotive

• Transportation and Others

Some of the significant factors that positively influence the growth of the Synthetic Rubber are rising per capita disposable income, increasing demand for lightweight footwear, & growing construction industry.

Fast urbanization combined with rising per capita disposable income in different countries across the globe is estimated to drive the growth of the marketing during the forecast period.

Let’s look at some advantages of Synthetic Rubber Profile surfaces…

Advantages of Synthetic Rubber Profile

#1: Durability & Resilience

Synthetic rubber can endure high volumes of foot traffic, routine wear and tear and harsh weather conditions, making it a tough flooring material for homes & industrial settings.

It possesses outstanding shock-absorbing impact. Consequently, it’s great for areas like gyms and weight rooms where weights are being drooped or thorough workout is on. The surface is so strong that it’s resistant to scratches or dents. Once installed, the flooring will serve you well for years with minimum require for maintenance.

#2: Moisture Resistant

Being moisture-resistant, synthetic rubber doesn’t get effectively damaged by water or fluid spills. That is a main reason why EPDM poured-in-place rubber surfaces are favored in wet areas like pool decks and bathrooms.

#3: Easy To Clean and Maintain

Contrary to popular belief, rubber surfaces are quite easy to clean & maintain. All you require is a vacuum cleaner to gather all the dust and dirt and a mop with a mild detergent to clean the surface. Nevertheless, remember to avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the surface.

#4: Noise-Absorbing Potential

Rubber surfaces are equipped of reducing the impact of noise in a building. Synthetic rubber acts as an superb sound insulator in the following ways:

• It prevents sound transmission among rooms and floors

• It reduces the background noise to improve the general sound quality

• It decreases impact noise (from foot traffic and workouts) and airborne noise (people, speakers, or musical instruments).

Installing synthetic rubber surfaces can help absorb the reverberation in an area and stop the transmission of sound between rooms.

Contact The Rubber Experts At S R Rubber Industries Today!

Durable, reliable and flexible, S R Rubber Industries provide synthetic rubber products that can stand the test of time. By keeping the track of latest market development, we are offering our clients an extensive range of EPDM Rubber Profile. The offered profile is available in various specifications as per the variegated requirements of customers.

If you need more information on the type of surfacing that will best suit your requirements, feel free to get in touch with our team on [email protected] or call us on +91-9711365111 / +91-9716600932. We are here to help you!

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